Sonichu [FAN COMIC] Sonichu: EHP - The True and Honest telling of the Sonichu Lore!


No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat.

Sonichu: Electric Hedgehog Pokemon is a fan comic I started way back in May of 2018. This comic is me attempting to write a alternate universe narrative using the basic plot of the original five issues. While I can agree that the art and story might not appeal to everyone, I do hope my comic would be approachable.

Although the schedule is mostly sporadic, most of the time the comic comes out on Mondays, Thursday, and Sunday generally. Oh and no more compulsive posting from me.

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The Un-Clit

After the Dimensional Merge, pussy eats YOU!
Very good so far! I like!

Was there a bit of NGE influencing your thoughts with the way you put together CWCville's underground city? I got a fairly strong NERV HQ/Geofront vibe with some of the drawn frames, and the interior items of the case for Patti-Chan reminded me of the storage container for the key of Nebuchadnezzar, and the collar as the head of the key itself.

Or maybe I'm just indulging my inner weeaboo since it's 3:30am and I ain't got sober yet.

*edit* I have to re-check in the morning to see why I thought they were riding elevators deep into the earth to get to CWCville. derp.
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Super Colon Blow

Does she have big thingies?
Currently on hiatus due to computer repairs.
Know that feeling. Some of the stuff I do for side money is similarly on hold. Our router is going tits up and is only working intermittently. I ordered a gigabit router as a replacement. I have been enjoying your art and will be happy when things are working again.

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