Sonichu [Fan Comic] - The Sonichu Remake All in One Compendium -

I will post pages when I am bored and have exactly nothing left of the schedule. Please note that the campus scanner will not be accessible anymore after this Thursday. I will use the public library scanner, but it will cost me all the free credit every week or something. I will generate new pages off-screen and hopefully bring in the batchful with me if the public library system was only willing. I am not sure how many per week, but I will wait and see during the gap year.

Book One
Volume One - Sonichu 0
Volume Two - Sonichu 1
Volume Three - Sonichu 2 and 3

Book Two
Volume Four - Sonichu 4
Volume Five - Sonichu 5
Volume Six - Sonichu 6 and 7

Book Three
Volume Seven - Sonichu 8
Volume Eight - Sonichu 9
Volume Nine - Sonichu 10

Keep in mind that my version is different than the original because I felt like the first nine Saga graphic novels I read in the past two years' span and the ongoing interest in the CWCki since around 2015 (though the timeline either the original or the endless retconned dates doesn't make sense) with a splash of my nostalgia being spiced all over the place makes me wanna be more honest. It is based on the stories by Chris and I'll do the drawing, but I wanna make it more logical with time and hopefully extend with less text walling and more from the panel-by-panel "show don't tell" trope we are all familiar with in the comics in terms of the plot. I was a 2000s child who watched kids' stuff - especially Sonic X (duh, my younger sister had seen all 78 episodes as a kid) - he's a 2000s young man looking for love before the tomgirl phase. I don't want to make it too long of a monologue. But I think it has to be what it has to be. No worries. The afterward will come after Volume Nine like any epilogue to the movie based on the true story before the end credits.
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