Sonichu [Fan Comic] - The Sonichu Remake All in One Compendium -


1 "in-progress" page down and only 1 more to finally move on to the prologue. Note: the prologue is only two pages long. It'll be up as soon as next week hopefully.
Buy yourself a scanner already. You can buy yourself a cheap printer/scanner combo at Wal-Mart. We can barely see your work when you take pictures with your phone because you don't use enough lighting.

The Pikachu/Raichu arc for the prologue is complete. Now comes the hardest part... completing the prologue section with Sonic's arc pre-SA1 in the middle of a page (in case you are not confused with the game series canon as shown in the Wikia). This is my canon and I am sticking to it right now, even though his origin was somewhat based on the Sonic Underground series.


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