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Mar 6, 2016
Hello, I am Lurkman, also known as a loner with too much free time.

Lately, I have been thinking about creating fan material for Sonichu but I'm not the best artist. Though, I believe I am a decently skilled writer and I have had this idea for a Sonichu fan fiction for a while.

This fan fiction I am writing is my idea for what the Sonichu storyline should've been and basically, my version of Sonichu really.

There will be 3 chapters over the course of June to August. I hope you guys will be able to support and read my fan fiction.

I will be creating a thread in June and updating it through August to show all 3 chapters because, I don't want to make too many threads for a fan fiction so if you would like to read my fan fiction, look out for the thread I will be editing here once the first chapter is out.

Now, for a sneak peak to the Plot.


One day, Christian Weston Chandler and Sonichu were just enjoying a can of CWC Cola after a stressful day due to the mental block of Autism when suddenly, out of nowhere, Chris notices some Twin Falling Towers in the distance, Sonichu and Chris investigate and find out it is the work of Clyde Cash and Mary Lee Walsh, working together on causing terror to Cwcville.


And that is all I am revealing at the moment, I am currently writing up the first and second chapter. The first chapter is going to introduce the characters, the setting (Cwcville), the conflict (which you already read), you know, introduce everything you need for a storyline. The second chapter, now that everything has been introduced, will have the characters go through some conflict and develop the characters a bit more, establish a subplot (that I am not telling of), and introduce new settings and areas. The third and final chapter will be an action-packed climax.

So what do you guys think so far? I would like to see reactions, comments or support, constructive criticism or pretty much anything.

Thank you, from the Lurker himself.


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Jan 11, 2014
Another fanfic. Don't want to sound rude, but it's always better if you already have things to show rather than saying you're going to do them.
Lurk on old threads and check that the amount of people saying they have an idea and want to do something about Sonichu is staggering, but the amount of people who actually deliver is ridiculously small.
I suggest you just do your stuff and when finished, show it. Because if you're just giving updates and asking for ideas, advice, etc, and actually try to follow what people are telling you, it won't be your story anymore but just a generic story driven by a bunch of people and it might lose your personal touch.

I guess the best I can advice is: Do your best, don't take things too seriously and have fun while doing it.