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Primink made a video on Amber. I had higher expectations, he didn't mention any specific lies or drama sagas. He did the whole "SHE'S FAT N PEOPLE HATE HER BEING FAT SO SHE NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT" angle.

He even showed a clip where Amber accused Aunt Tammie of cutting her off for being fat (which is a known lie) and used it as supporting evidence that people dislike her because she's fat.

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Das It

Queen of Denial
Oh yes, she made a video about Amberlynn. She's been making videos about YouTubers she's grown sick of for a while including Boogie and H3H3 so this could be entertaining
Oh yay the jowley, white trash complaining failed camgirl has something to say.

How many of you think Primink's a closet fatty? It's either that or he's a softboy.
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