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Hahahahahaaa fucking wow. Now, I'm not much of a Slaton fan, or lolcow-follower, or whatever the heck Farmers are like to fancy themselves. But Becky had really really better check herself and start watching that rapid weight gain, and I mean it. Another #30Pounds and I swear to god this is exactly what our chinless lady of the neck is going to end up looking like. Yikes. Can you say separated at birth?
If Becky has Slaton genetics she'll be able to make her own YouTube fat freakshow channel once her forehead starts filling out.

Beetus Drake posted an AL rant. At 16:15 we got a shout out to @pecansandies (Archie), but a pretty poor swerve around mentioning KF. Nothing we haven't heard before but he had a couple zingers in there
"Bitch, get off the cross, we need the wood."
His eyes are yellow and there’s a dark ring around his neck. Yes Michael you’ve lost SOOOO much weight and you’re healthy now boo
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a pretty poor swerve around mentioning KF.
Speaking of swerves...

"Just rant about what I'm seeing. I'm not gonna like include clips and all that shit" In other words you're doing it Shaquana Jefferson style. Cool. lol.

"First I want to give a shout out to some women doing reaction videos, there's a lot of women out there doing great videos right now"

He goes on to list off pretty much every female reactor EXCEPT Shannon :story:

Shaquana does it better tbh. This video sucked

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Damn, Michael had been out of the ALR game for so long by now I thought he had finally wised up and just finally stopped making videos altogether. Ragging on a Youtube Deathfat isn't really a great look when you yourself are pretty much almost a Youtube Deathfat.

Funny that he didn't mention Shaquana. I wonder if she did something that stepped on his beetus toes...considering that he has shouted her out and said nice things about her in the past.


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Interesting. I didn't watch her but I know @Strawberry Pocky really likes her. Does she have social media, anything? Like did she confirm her channel was shut down by YT or did she delete it herself?

No idea. I remembered her this morning and watched a video of hers, having forgotten how much I liked her. Queued up another for when I get home and rip channel terminated.
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