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Go cry to someone else lol
Maybe Amberlynn should quit claiming Becky's family as her own, then? Perhaps the least she could do is refrain from making "pity-ME-Becky-left-ME-all-ALONE" videos, while Becky is off attending her mother's cancer surgery? Is it really Becky's family you should be sneering at right now?

Of course Amberlynn is not obligated to help, but give me a break she makes over 10K a month doing nothing and is constantly flexing about it. And they're not looking for a handout from Amberlynn anyway, they're trying to start a GoFundMe. If it was my broke-ass hillbilly family I'd do whatever it takes to get money to treat my mom's cancer. I'd bleed Amberlynn like a stuck pig.
Then Becky should get a job and quit being Amber’s caretaker so she doesn’t have to ask permission to help out her family during a family crisis. Yet again, Necky proves she a spineless person
I find it strange how she refers to her best friend as "Beckys mom" and not with her name,Norma.
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It might be because most people don’t know Becky’s mom’s name. It’s not like Amber says it a lot.


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A "Dr. Pepper Carbonate" sounds like something a non-native English speaker might say. I don't think the language of the FB post matches the language of the YT post, and I also don't think Amber knows what a carbonate is. But it's a weird coincidence.

I think the youtube poster is a troll who changed their YT name recently to Ann Dorian. It's possible to change one's YT name, isn't it?

You can change your name on YT but like I said earlier she refers to herself as "Ann Doran on facebook" in a comment 2 years ago which isnt edited. And someone replied under the post calling her Annie a year ago. I dont think she changed it, I think she really just hasnt gave a fuck these last two years that she been commenting on Amber's channel. If she hadnt "outed" herself in MBP's comment section none of us would have realized who it was. Tbh her grammar isnt that great on FB either. Shes probably just an older woman than sucks at typing on her smartphone and doesnt bother to spell check. I went to "random content"s channel where she left that most recent comment saying shes making a GoFundMe for Becky's mom and it is the same channel that left those comments two years ago.

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I suppose all we need is patience. The meddling facebook/plebbit busybodies will sort this out for us, soon enough.
And not to be that cunt, lmao, but we have gotten hilariously off topic for this specific thread anyway. Hows abouts getting back to posting, laughing, and sperging over Hater videos and we can shift the Annie/Norma/Cancer discussion and tinfoils over to the Supporting Cast thread? What think, gorls?


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That bitch is annoying. She's the one who makes parody music videos about Amberlynn but uses her own singing voice so people are like "OMG YOU'RE SOOO GOOD!!" "Omg your voice is legit amazing."
She also got into a civil debate with Roger Brown over his being on disability, calling him lazy. Not to white knight for him, but he did work for many years. I think he's a veteran and I believe he is genuinely too crazy to work. She doesn't even live in America so it's not her tax dollars. I think she's Austrian. She really thinks her shit don't stink. Never liked her.


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At least we found out some information we wouldn't otherwise have.
Michael's current weight is: 349
He stated he lost: 274
So, his highest weight is: 623 pounds.
He's 30 years old.
I'm not really sure how tall he is but I think he's like 6'3
His current BMI is like: 34.2
At his highest weight he was intaking like: 4,500 calories a day
I'm not aware at what age he got his weight loss surgery. Thought I'd give some interesting details from the AMA (it made me cringe too) but I know some kiwis (like myself lol) might be interested on this fatties stats.

He also addresses if his channel would impact his career he would delete it - or move to Canada. (because he doesn't like the direction this country is going)
we already have drake in Canada, we don't need beetus drake too.

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I haven't had the stamina or willpower to watch the four-and-a-half hour livestream from September 7th that Charlie Gold hosted on her Channel.
She guested Dani Suze, OnProgramSituation, Rose is Ranting (who I have never even heard of before?) and Callie/LifeofaFreeSpirit. Apparently Alan from Every Damn Day Fitness came in briefly at some point but because I've just been skipping randomly around I haven't seen him yet.

It's mostly just talking about Amber....OR one hundred percent off topic powerleveling and attention whoring from Callie. Which is hilarious (not to mention her terrible, god awfully bad connection which keeps freezing on her) because the chat has dozens of people telling her to shut up and let the other women talk. lmao

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'and now she gives off an "i'm so famous vibe"'

gosh, maybe if these dumb cunts didn't wet their panties over every haydur that comes down the pike there wouldn't be an inevitable backlash and letdown? talk about cognitive dissonance.

my feelings about charlie gorilla are known.... 🤮 but one thing i won't bother to do, is bash her for acting like she's hot shit. that's not an issue i have with her and in fact it's perfectly understandable that she'd behave that way when she's got literally thousands of idiots worshipping her calling her KWEEN/KING/DAD/MOM whatever dumb shit. how do you expect her to react?
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