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I wonder who it was that saw her and why they haven't come forward, screeching like a reetard on twitter (maybe they have?) and how the channel got this video that's a few weeks old (or more) anyway. So much to be thunkful about 🤔

edit: couldn't be bothered to read the comments then I found this:
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@PiggyPie found her FB.

Fat stalker dunce or fat stalker moron. You decide.



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Sure, Fat Jan. You just happened to be at the same vet Amber uses on the same day at the same time, and you just happened to be parked directly behind her. It's all just happenstance! Sure.
People keep saying that but I don't get it. If she was stalking her why didn't she get better footage? If she really saw on snapchat hours earlier, went there and camped out, got in position... why such shit footage? That makes no sense. Also someone said I think on the reddit thread about this that there are several vets in the area. How did she know which vet Amberlynn was going to?

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