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ALR makes an appearance KickingGeese's stream and all the ambabies in disguise are licking her gunt in the chat, lmao. Also, Justine, figure out how to put up the chat and stream at the same time. Now I see why people don't like her livestreams.

Justine doesn’t realise Amberlynn is in the chat because she still hasn’t read her comments...



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justine's content is trash and always has been.

e: y'know, it's acutally pretty funny that amberlynn likes justine, when she's one of the worst for skirting the definition of transformative. She's one of THE biggest channels people go to to watch AL's videos instead of watching them on AL's channel, thereby depriving our gorl of her coin.

I don't believe the same is true for channels like Charlie Gorilla, ZM, and especially MBP. I think most people who follow those three will view AL's videos before viewing those reactions. Those three talk way too much and love them or hate them, their videos are without question transformative works. Justine pauses AL's video, grunts some zero-effort milquetoast comment and then unpauses and continues watching. Her videos are barely longer than Amberlynn's, that's how you know she has fuck all to add. (the videos with her sister are an exception obvi)
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