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Consensus? Bitch where? Did you ask your idiot twitter followers?

Thick-ass piece of salmon at 425 for SIX minutes... no wonder it was raw

I don't watch much ZM especially lately but this is the second time he has attempted to copy something and fucked it up in a really obvious way (the other was when he did the Dr Now diet but put cream in his coffee or some dumb shit like that). He doesn't seem to be trolling I'm not sure if he realizes he's kind of adapting a lot AL-adjacent behaviors.


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In MichaelBePetty’s latest video he starts off saying he was a bit down because he thinks he fucked up an exam and within minutes of nit picking and snarling at amber for the slightest shit he’s fine again. Ragging on a fat woman for how she makes her breakfast is what gets him through the day it seems.
I think Amber has more of a chance of losing weight than he does of becoming a nurse tbh.

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