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It really is eerie how much haydur nation folk wind up really acting like the lolcows they cover. This is like a note co-written by Amberlynn, Chantal, and Peetz...

I wonder what he is doing for black folks?
What is Zachary Michael doing for black folks?

Quite a lot actually.


He has a full time job outside of youtube, a pet he lavishes attention and care on, tries to act in accordance with the beliefs he proclaims, and iirc manages an anxiety disorder.

If he says he's taking a break because he needs to do it to stay sane, he's probably legit and I hope he is doing okay. I might be biased, his Goofy-esque laugh is adorable af.

Don't forget that the crazy people use this kind of wording because they saw sane people do it first and they think it makes them more believable.

That said, I also made this because I'm a terrible human being.


(I'm sorry, Zach)

Edit: if he does make a video it's probably gonna be a quick one to tell people to stop dm-ing him about the cancer, express his best wishes for ALR and the hope that she is able to make a change in her life, which even with the blackout, I think is an entirely appropriate video to make.
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