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So this YouTube creator I like(used to like) made a video basically excusing Amber of all her bad behavior and I posted a comment disagreeing with her. Then noticed the comment got deleted so I posted it again. Deleted again. Each time I posted it she deleted it. She's only allowing people who kiss Amber's ass to comment. Just fucking sad. Here's my comment I left. Said nothing but the truth but she refuses to stop deleting it. Yikes. Just unsubscribed to her after being subbed for years.

My comment: She made false rape allegations towards her ex partner to garner sympathy, And when called out it was proven she lied about it she deleted the video made a handful of excuses and then never addressed it again. She is unable to take care of her pets. She is a liar and a manipulator and constantly does questionable things just so she can get views and get a paycheck. She gaslights her audience, talks down to them and calls them all sorts of names and then cries when people don't praise her for her shitty actions. She has the money and the ability to take care of her health but instead she flexes her money and basically spits in the faces of those who once cared about her. Shes not a good person and the fact that people choose to still say otherwise is baffling. She tries so hard to convince people that we are writing a false narrative but everything she has done and said, there is proof. She proves it time and time again that she is not an honest or good person and claims people hate her cause shes a "big gorl" but in reality its because shes done so many awful things. I cant even list them all. Sigh. Just had to say something Star.
Alert alert, Amber is a shitty person. You have nothing to say that hasn't been said a hundred times before.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Hello, Big Al reaction channels. STOP saying that if you were diagnosed with "cancer" like Big Al, YT would be "the last thing on your mind" or your "lowest priority". YT is her ONLY job. Just how the fuck do you think she's going to make a living if not filming her sad, lonely existence, sitting in her dining room, camera and food balanced on a stack of board games because she's too lazy to get her tripod, stuffing her piehole? Presumably, you have real world jobs for which you get paid and may have health insurance. So let's just drop this particular caveat about her trolling, monetizing ways in every single fucking video you make, shall we? Just do the damn react.

Thank you.


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Since reaction channels have chimped out making anything new lately- here's a classic Staysi for the holiday weekend
Check out wonky eyes at 1:03. Lol

This chick puts out good content. Check out around 5:10 when she talks about her periods. Nothing about bleeding constantly for 2 years. And this was when she moved in with Benzo.
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