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We’ve all discussed how the ALR subreddits seem to get deleted (some pretty much instantly) so I wasn’t expecting any ALR content on reddit but after seeing someone had posted Chantal and Destiny in the “fit to fat” subreddit the same user also posted amber within the same week.

Edit of today's new vlog where she shows her amazin non weight loss transformation
So, she is comparing a picture when she was 560 pounds to one where she is 500+ pounds. There is a bit of difference but not enough to claim victory on the weight loss battle. I am sure that she is so happy with the amazing transformation that they will go celebrate at Cheesecake Factory.

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Leah Rose,the girl who is doing 'The REAL Life of Amberlynn Reid' has got her nailed. The facial expressions, the vocal fry & other silly vocal tricks Amber pulls, the constant pointing & hand gestures. What's fun is she managed to pull off Amber realistically, using things Amber often says but combined them in a pretty fresh way.
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