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Baked and salty.
I would really really love to see Amber come out with a Nik parody video!
When one of the Slaton sisters did a parody of her, she said she would never do that, so I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

Also, a parody video requires research and creativity. We’ve seen the level of research she’s capable of (Optavia), and Becky is the creative of the two, which is telling.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Tapped out at the two minute mark, because goddamn, get to the fucking point instead of repeating over and over that you've said awful things, dude.

Good apologies: acknowledge you fucked up, sincerely apologize for it, keep it short, and move on.


thirsty cheese-rapist
Robin quit... all his videos are taken down too. I wonder what the real story is here.

...and just like that, Robin's decided he's going to carry on with his channel, doing something music related. He claims to be bi, but he's probably just another raging queen, desperate for the attention lol. Just like Zachary Michael, he will slide back into reacting to the cows...