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...and Robin the Explorer is back.. within a few minutes the old pisshead is back talking about the fatties that he never wanted to talk about again lol. He's got a 'stalker' FFS lololol and a couple of over-familiar commentors in his chat who were causing trouble between him and his 'girlfriend' who he met through his channel, who lives hundreds of miles away and I doubt he's ever met in real life. Don't worry, he has a family friend lawyer looking into it - I wonder if it's the same lawyer as the Williams clan have lolololol. So basically, he's complaining people watch his videos and comment... a bit like he does with Amber and Chantal. A delusional old soak.


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He nailed this video. He’s a good ayygg.

Summary is that Hamber brought the negative attention upon herself. He acknowledges that Hamber gets more hate than most, however, if Hamber doesn’t like why people watch her (which he discusses) and how they respond to her videos, then she should get off of YouTube and stop blaming others for her failures.

He also says that most people only watch her to make themselves feel better because they have the same problems as her but are slightly less fat, and no one is watching because Hamber has a great personality or something. Lmao. Based.

Edit: Wanted to add that he basically tears the Facebook haydur groups a new asshole, but without intentionally meaning to of course. Everything he describes in regards to the idiotic viewers of Hamber being part of the problem (problem being supporting Hamber by giving views and engagement, despite hating her/wanting her demonetized) was exactly how the speds in those groups act. He really did well with this video. Worth the watch in my opinion.
I personally can't stand him. He's an idiot who takes many youtubers videos out of context, then puts annoying shit on his thumbnails like "we need to talk" and "I'm so offended". He's a snowflake and has longer tits than amber. If I remember correctly he also had charlie gold on his channel as an "inspirational" guest. Gross.


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beanbag in a hurry

good lord!
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I can't listen to Jet anymore... in this video she fake laughed for a good two minutes straight and once you hear the MOUTH NOISES you can't unhear them. She'll pause the reaction and just lick her lips and swallow and honestly, it puts me off more than Amberlynn eating spaghetti.
Wow, she's been so irrelevant for such a long time, never gets posted here, never gets mentioned by any of the other reacters anymore. I assumed she'd quit.
Also, the nineties have been over for decades and you have children. Dress better.
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Greg Doucette just did an Amberlynn video. I hope he does Foodie Beauty next and that she either falls for him or chimps out 🌈

he has 1 million subscribers, not sure why he needs to react to her. are these fitness people hoping their program will work for her? if their program works for AL it'll bring in more fatties to buy.

he says her ideal weight would be 345, isn't that the weight she started at?

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Cyberbullying should be a federal offense
"All of these comments coming in-"
Zach, darlin', did you let YT retards push you into the 41%?

Typical shit, I don't like stereotypical gender shit so I must be something that's "other". These people simultaneously manage to confuse themselves while reinforcing the rigid gender lines they claim to battle against. I've said this before but just be a fucking happy faggot.

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