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Give me the bones!
Nietzsche famously never explained many of his aphorisms, but I think Haydur Nation is ripe for one: gaze not overlong into the abyss, lest it gaze also into you. AL seems to be boss hog among internet "personalities" for attracting detractors that, in attempting to ridicule her faults, indirectly or directly expose more of their own than of hers. ML in particular tried to assail our sainted gorl and in doing so opened the cabinet of his mind and aired laundry just as dirty as our gorl's muumuus from "Tord" after a week of serving as pyjamas-cum-orange-chicken-bib. He gazed too long into the Ambyss and now he's as bad as she is. Oy gevalt.

So many haydur videographers seem incapable of concealing their personal insecurities in a format which does not warrant them, and half of them blatantly project them onto Her Royal Daintiness. Katie W's enduring popularity - her patchy quality nonwithstanding - is in part because she doesn't choke her videos with powerleveling and need for validation, and without even uploading under a nom de plume she's still kept herself to herself. There's something to be learned from Katie.


In Zach's latest around 11:30 he starts to talk about conversations he had with AL on twitter. At 12:30 he shows some new screenshots of DM's.
People are all over his comments saying they didn’t expect Becky to behave that way and they didn’t think she she was mean like ALR.

Really? You thought the autistic boy that uses a disabled person as a meal ticket wasn’t a piece of shit? Right.


Token SJW
*+Yeah, it was pretty cute how she tried to choke back the smugness during that whole ordeal. For someone with so much experience lying -- and lying online, no less -- she sure is bad at it. How anyone falls for her fat-fingered manipulations irl, I'll never know. I suppose people see through her and are either too polite or just can't be bothered to actually call her out, and she's too dumb to realize she's been made.

What can I say? Gorl's a legend in her own mind.

It would be pretty easy to dox Zach, he intersperses a lot of personal info into his content, because he's comfortable with his identity and has a pretty positive relationship with his viewers. There's no point in doing it though, cause he's not a lolcow, it would produce no content, and TBH fuck Amber I'm not doing her dirty work for her.
And, say what you will about Zach -- and I know there's rather a lot to say -- he's not an idiot. He's been pretty careful about what he says and how he says it, really. I don't see how he's incriminated himself or jeopardized his personal or professional standing with his videos.

So... good work, AL. You accomplished nothing except make yourself look even more pathetic, incompetent, and stupid. If you're trying to make people feel bad about your impending death, this wasn't the way to do it.
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I didn't watch that faggot's video but he doxed himself years ago. Old timers will remember. He used to go by Zach Sanderson on YouNow and would do a "show" after AL's streams and would interact with her a lot. He wasn't trying to hide his name then, if that is his real name.
It is his real name and he basically said the same thing. That his name was already out there and it wasn't a big deal. He did drag her ass, and that's quite a job, because she tried to play dumb about it like she didn't know him like that even though they PM. It's just another example of this sociopathic cunt thinking she's cute. No matter how one feels about Zach, he's infinitely more productive and useful to society than our gorl.

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