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This place seems pretty cheap - around $ 2K per week if she does the 3 month stint. I know it's in NC but not that far from where she is now? The stupid thing is she could easily make that plus a lot more each week if she made a genuine attempt to document her stay - she's too vain and lazy though.

I guess that no place will take her without medical insurance though in case something happens to her.


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This is some kind of ruse. She doesn't need anyone to DM her, she searches youtube for her own name constantly. There's even a screenshot proving this, somewhere. She's showing her computer, the page is on youtube, and you can see "amberlynn reid" in the SEARCH bar. This fat bitch knows how to find videos about herself. She just wants attention
In all fairness, AL is such a simpleton that this is probably how she gets to her own youtube page.


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It’s all a moot point because it won’t happen, but Amber’s addiction can’t be compared to a drug and alcohol addiction, and just like her being with anorexics, it’s also unlikely to be helpful to mix her in with drug addicts, alcoholics or whatever. She needs to be with other fats.

Think of a support group-let’s say cancer. You don’t want to mix terminal patients in with those who are going to recover. Both things suck, and on the surface, there are similarities: both are maybe going through chemo and facing surgeries. But the problems are very different. It’s one thing to do a few rounds of chemo to save your life and another to do it forever.. A person with non-terminal disease doesn’t have to discuss last wills and DNRs and plan funerals or figure out what to do with children, and they terminal patient may find the things early stage cancer patients worry about unimportant. And the early stage patients might get scared at the terminal people or feel like they have no right to speak.

Same with morbidly obese and different types of addicts. A meth addict isn’t going to relate to a person who cannot get up to go to the bathroom, who eats until they can’t walk. An obese person may not understand the things a heroin addict has done to destroy his life and others, like breaking into homes, etc. . While all disordered people have great desires to do their thing, the death fat can stop eating and start to get better while the heroin addict has to go through a sometimes dangerous withdrawal first. We all see them the same because they kind of are but they can’t relate.

Bottom line, there is a reason they try to keep each type of disorder together. Telling stories and having people relate to each other is a huge part of recovery. That won’t happen with an anorexic and an obese person or a narcotics addict and a fat. Keeping the same type together is crucial for recovery.

All the other stuff makes sense. Even if Amber decided to get insurance, she has to wait for open enrollment in October or November. Then she has to establish her identity which she’s never bothered with. Way more work than our Gorl will ever do. Then it looks like she’d have to travel. But there will come a time when she’s hospitalized. The aftermath of that, if she survives, and says anything, will be interesting. I don’t think that even if she loses 100 lbs in the hospital it’ll wake her up.

She’s My 600 lb Life ready as far as physical goes but mentally? Not sure she’ll ever get there. So yes, we are watching her die. The only thing that will help she’ll never do.


So Dr. Now's daughter's best friend has a dark side, y'all.

And this bitch called us a bunch lowlifes...
Jesus Christ. It's like every one making videos about hamber has a dark side themselves. First thesarcasticpotato and now this. Less said about diabeetusdrake the better. If Katie W falls next, I'm quitting this fucking cow and escaping her orbit

Jesus Christ. It's like every one making videos about hamber has a dark side themselves. First thesarcasticpotato and now this. Less said about diabeetusdrake the better. If Katie W falls next, I'm quitting this fucking cow and escaping her orbit
I think Zach has been open enough, hell he's got his full name out there now, that I think he's pretty clean. I don't really care if someone thinks he's too much of a queen. He works full time and doesn't take himself or this shit too seriously. Katie W is going to be fine as long as she just keeps making us laugh our asses off and she's never failed me yet.

Anyone who calls their husband "poppa pop" and gets tossed out of a bar while chimping out about the impropriety of stilettos on a goddamn live stream is exhibiting classic lolcow behaviour.

MESS. The both of them.
He. Picked. His. Nose. On. Camera. Then used a pool cue. I'm not sure what to do with this. Just stop filming if there's an issue, gorl. I generally like what she has to say, but this was...a lot.


Not her best moment, but I love Shivvy. I've learned a lot from her body language analysis stuff recently. She probably shouldn't livestream drunk, though, but that's good advice for anyone.
She can be fun, but I can't take anyone's analysis of anything seriously when they cite their source as an online article from Business Insider or some similar listicle shit.


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Keep in mind that while I agree with the idea that Amber needs long-term care to have any chance at recovery, such treatment is not easy to find and it's out of Amberlynn's budget.

@roachrypt, if you visit the sites of the top hits in that Psychology Today list, you'll find some really unsettling stuff. Like Canopy Cove, which is part of the Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center, is actually in Tallahassee, FL. They "serve" the Lexington area, but they don't have facilities in Kentucky. I get a skeevy feeling from them because even though they deal with EDNOS/disorders that cause obesity, they are also a "Christian" center that considers vegetarianism an eating disorder. I have a bad feeling about how they would handle a dumb as rocks lesbian like Amber.

The best option is Focus Treatment Center, which is the closest option for Amberlynn, located in Chattanooga, TN. I think she could endure the three hour car trip there and of all the listings it looks like it might be the best option because the religious focus is spirituality rather than "give it all over to Jesus AMEN" bullshit you find with a lot of these places. They also have medical doctors on staff so they have the capacity to handle patients as sick as Amberlynn. They offer life management treatment, too, so Amber would be taught how to shop for healthy food and how to prepare it. Christ, let's stick her in a u-Haul flat bed and get here there asap, right?

But here's the big rub: Even if Amber was earning $10k monthly from her videos - and that's doubtful given her slow upload history as of late - she would be unable to afford treatment. Clicking on Focus Treatment Center FAQ for inpatient eating disorder recovery brings up a single reference to payment. The "do you take insurance" tab opens to information about the insurers that the facility is contracted with. The site says that even if they are not contracted with your insurer, tell them who insures you because they may be able to arrange a "single case agreement" on your behalf.

Nowhere does it mention financing or grants to cover treatment, which means they don't offer financing or grants. This place looks really good. They have amazing resources for their patients. And they are expensive. All over the internet, from the NYT to actual information offered from insurers, the average cost for a facility like Focus Treatment Center is roughly $30k a month. AL would need to be there a minimum of 90 days, probably longer.

And it's unfortunate they don't offer financing, but even if they did, Amber would not qualify. She has no current bills in her name to prove her address, she has no state-issued ID, she has no regular job history - she doesn't even have a bank account in her name. My cat would get financing easier than Amberlynn. She absolutely would not qualify for treatment at the Bowling Green facility because she doesn't have that sort of credit available and they don't appear to offer financing anyway.

Well, why doesn't she get an insurance policy? The sorts of policies she could get under ACA (so-called Obama Care) will not be the sorts of platinum policies that cover 90 days or more of inpatient eating disorder recovery. They would be the sorts of policies that keep you in vaccinations and cover enough of emergency care that you wouldn't be left totally bankrupt if a truck mows you down or you develop cancer.

I know we all want her to get help even though her antics are entertaining because at the end we are watching a person die because she won't stop eating. But Amber has eaten herself into a corner. She's mismanaged her life to the point that she cannot navigate the various requirements and costs of even the wackiest and least helpful recovery centers. She has very few options available to her and she cannot afford the options.

ETA: The only real option I see working for AL is for her to get on a show like Dr. Phil and accept inpatient treatment if it is offered to her, which it probably would be because she's two falls away from death. But that seems as pie in the sky as hoping a good facility would offer her sliding scale payment or reasonable financing options.

ETA2: And this long-ass reply wasn't an attack on @roachrypt - I was just using specific examples from his/her search to demonstrate some of the shit I picked up along the way on my own voyage of the damned with the supermegafats in my own life. Grim shit.
You're incorrect about the ACA insurance marketplace. I have a policy through it right now, excellent coverage, and I just pay small copays for services. There are countless policies available for pretty much any situation.

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Wait, this was the bitch that said we were low lifes right? I can't find the video anymore, but what I do see now is a shit-ton of Amberlynn reaction videos... So, we're the bad guys for dunking on a fat chick off youtube, but shes fine dick riding off her gravy train? K.
Yes she is. Here's the video, courtesy of our own @emspex from a couple months back:
Has anyone watched the videos this chick has made about Amber? Because she done put us on blast, gorls.
EDIT: bitch deleted it, but not before a copy was made :^)
Among the insights she provided: we are some of the "shittiest people on the planet", are evil and can go fuck ourselves. Also, unless you nut up and actually make a youtube channel to talk shit about people, you are an "EL-OH-EL COWARD".

And since she has an autistic brother and personally knows some autistic people, they are OFF-LIMITS and KF is a disgusting cesspool of hate. It's perfectly fine to go after morbidly obese people with mental issues on YT though.

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