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(Formerly a) Niggo(?)
LOVE Destiny 's foreshadowing 'jungle gym' comment!

(hope I did this right, first time posting a video link here!) ^^;
You did fine, you can also hit the little "..." insert icon and choose media from the drop down menu to embed the video directly to your post rather than a new window opening link to youtube instead, but it's fine because the new forum previews linked content, unlike the old one. Just want to point out that in a video about how she "has a touching problem," Density's jungle gym clip fits right in and needs no title card excusing the editors autism when they include it beforehand, but that's minor quibbling.

Damaged Goods

Harvard's vegan propaganda
It might be worth giving us a summary or a tl;dw please?
Here you go, gorl. If you enjoy psychology and more insightful content, do give it a watch. Otherwise here’s a badly written summary and it goes without saying that there is no tea.

  • Introduction, weight loss channels
  • Who is AL
  • A look at the history of her channel
  • AL is problematic for more reasons than her weight, but the video won’t explore those
  • Up until 2015 she was genuine & her channel made other people feel less alone

The meat and (late-night instant mash) potatoes of the video:
  • 2015 the fakeness begins
  • 89lbs: first said for self-assurance, now used for self-justification & deflection
  • People fail at diets repeatedly or regain previously lost weight all the time, but AL is different because she publicizes each attempt and fails at it every time in the same way
  • She doesn’t listen to her own advice
  • Conflict/drama generates views, but not only do AL’s conflicts (failed weight loss, break ups) never change, her reaction to them doesn’t either
  • AL’s channel became less about specific struggles and more about melodrama, valuing emotional response over evolution. Lack of progression resulted in lack of personal connection to viewers
  • AL’s notorious cycle
  • Constant repetitiveness makes viewers doubt authenticity of struggles
  • Weight gain = views because fetish
  • Viewers can’t empathize with AL due to the way she frames her failed diets (woe is me immediately followed by mukbang) + clickbaity titles
  • Shift from weight loss channel to featuring weight as gimmick
  • If people watch for the gimmick, once the weight is lost the channel is over
  • By not losing weight she maintains viewership
  • What were once moments of reflection became self-indulgence & glorification of flaws

  • 2016, the year that ruined AL
  • AL starts fabricating stuff and retelling previously told stories with lots of embellishment (bipolar diagnosis, BED diagnosis, ayyyyyggg allergy)
  • In an attempt to create relatability with escalating lies, she actually alienates anyone who might have been sympathetic
  • Becoming increasingly extroverted made her appear less and less genuine
  • False rape accusation + RaIn aNd pEtAlS eAvEsDrOp
  • Abuses tropes & fake sentimentality to manipulate viewers
  • Her credibility is now ruined and even when she talks about personal matters people don’t connect to her because of all the previous lies
  • Mukbang era cemented her failure because mukbangs are antithetic to weight loss
  • Monetary gain made her disregard honor and emboldened her on top of that
  • Instead of appealing to the few who watched her for genuine reasons, she chose to play up her worst traits for views
  • AL thinks that’s her identity now and doesn’t care what people think of her any more
  • Hate comments increase, she responds by claiming people hate her because she’s fat, alienates more people
  • People think she’s insincere because she not only doesn’t care but buys junk, consumes it on camera, edits it, then deems it quality content and proceeds to upload it
  • TRO thinks the saddest part is that she wants to care but has to cater to those who watch for the trainwreck
  • AL started youtube for accountability but when the audience kept her accountable she couldn’t handle it. So she fostered the hostility for views. She then shifted responsibility for her weight onto the haydurs and that’s when she started gaining faster than ever
  • AL can’t change with the current self-destructive mindset
  • Vulnerable people might think the lifestyle she’s promoting is acceptable
  • A heartfelt plea from TRO to AL
- In summation: AL is unable to change due to her mindset + can’t change if she wants the view$


My soul was I ate 2 ramens.
A YouTuber I like just did an in-depth analysis of AL:

Even though most of us have already said the points in this video before; (she is just eating for views and yt bucks, has no intention of trying, just click bait etc) i found this video eloquently describes this fat bitch and i honestly hope her ambabies watch this. I literally can't imagine wtf is keeping people in her corner. It legit baffles me.

I didn't join the Big AL party until last year so I must have missed where his clip of her eating a microwaved frozen burrito with a fucking PLASTIC SPOON came from. This is ridiculous, almost even by ALR's standards for ridiculous. Should be considered an iconic moment.
Also see:

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