Sonichu [FAN STORY] Housebound - UPDATE [13/6/20] Hide, Part 2 + Important Notice - A Journey into Madness - Now with a Progress Bar! [NEXT UPDATE 50% COMPLETE]

Does our protag have a pickle down there?

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Double Dee

Yap, yap. Blah, blah. Drivel, drivel, drivel.
Breathe, pretend those tits aren't there.

Now, look for a place the key could fit.


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Seconding Tikbalang's idea:

Now he has the glass shank, tear off some of his clothing to wrap the handler part of the shank for extra safety. Then he can hold it tightly without getting injured.
Other input: Look out through a window, if possible, before opening the door. If we see someone coming, we might want to look for a hiding place.


Your local living fossil.

Glass isn't very easy to hold without injuring yourself. You tear off part of the awful dress you've been forced to wear and make a hilt for your new weapon.

Makeshift Glass Shank - Now 5% less deadly to hold! Still not very durable though...

And with that, there's only one thing left to do...



You look down at the key and take a deep breath, not quite sure if you're ready for this. It won't take others long to notice that you're a furry Sonic OC - how are you going to explain yourself? What'll happen to you if you're caught and experimented on by the government as a freak of nature?

You just don't know what to do, but...


Come on. You're only putting off the inevitable.


Something clicks and shuffles as you reach the part of the room you woke up in. You jump, startled by the noise, only to find that the one compartment of the extremely neglected set of drawers has - for reasons you're not sure of - opened by itself.

A chill goes down your spine. You know for a fact that it wasn't open when you first saw it.

Want to check it out before you go?


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
Go up to the drawer and get ready to attack anything that will jump out from the drawer. If anything jumps out and comes at you, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!
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PT 522

Reach into the open drawer while not looking where you're putting your hands and fumbling around, yelling "I sure hope there are no venomous spiders in here!"


Wear your shirt inwards out
  1. Kick the drawer shut
  2. Assuming the key can unlock the door, then unlock the door to reduce time of getting out when things go wrong. And open it slightly, making sure there are no sudden plank and nails shutting the door.
  3. Then open the drawer while ready the shank. If it's a trap, the door will be the safe spot.


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Well, of course we have to look; we have to pass it in order to get out the door. It's only best self-defense practices.

But only a quick look. We don't want to accidentally behold the face of Cthulhu and then spend the rest of our life babbling about ugly people in New England.