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Back in the summer of 2016, a friend at the time shared a fanfic they found in a group chat I was in, and to this day it’s amongst the worst things I’ve ever fucking read.

It’s called Husbandry. The only thing worse than the fanfiction as a whole is realizing that not only did someone willingly write this, but that people got a kick out of it.




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>Schrodinger's condom
You fuckers haven't lived till you read a vinnole fanfic.
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Note word count.
>His [Swedish] accent thick
The most horrifying part for most Swedes


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Syaoran Li

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So, I've been wondering about FFN lately and their non-existent moderation...

Aside from those purges in 2011 and 2012 that allowed Archive of Our Own to finally overtake FFN's spot as the leading site for fanfiction, when was the last time that FFN has actually enforced any of their rules and shut down any fics that go against their rules.

There's still plenty of song fics and it's basically an open secret that you can still post smut on there as long as you put an M rating on it and I'm sure if I looked, I'd find lots of "Choose Your Own Adventure" fics too.

It honestly seems that the only fics that they successfully purged from the site are either works under a fanwork ban like Anne Rice's novels, or the stuff that was banned early on in the site's history like Script Fics and Real Person Fics.

I get the feeling that whomever owns FFN doesn't really give a shit about it anymore and would rather focus on Fiction Press (think FFN for original stories) but they keep FFN up anyway because they don't want to deal with any backlash.
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Syaoran Li

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I actually decided to open this fic to see what this author had to say for themselves and apparently they're "coping with their trauma" by writing this.
Eh, I'm gonna Press X to Doubt on that one. A lot of loli/shota authors will use that as an excuse to cover their own ass and try to avoid reproach. Which is kind of insulting to actual victims of childhood sexual abuse.