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Oh hi Mark
If there's a thread like this already, feel free to let me know.

Anyways, It's pretty self explanatory.

Personally, I really dislike mpreg/omegaverse AU. Something about them just seems kinda strange or off-putting to me, and I've never really been able to explain why. Like, if you wanted one member of your ship to get knocked up, why not just do a genderbend? But I guess that doing so would probably get in the way of the 'yaoi feels'.

Edit: Not sure how this is a powerlevel. Does someone care to explain?
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I always hated those yoai fanfictions where some character has to hide the fact that they're gay from their lover and then afterwards they have smelly butt sex. Trust me, this kind of story has been done way more times than you think.

I also hate when the naive fucks that write fanfics treat rape like it's some sort of introductory sexual intercourse, which somehow suddenly gets them to enjoy sex even more.


Green people are so sexy!
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Butthurt fanfics attempting to "fix" the show because autists got angry the show went in a direction they didn't like. Although sometimes these are hilarious if they're staggeringly bad.
Honestly, it's a bad enough people obsess over cartoons, but to change the canon of a show just because they can't accept the fact that life sucks and that not everyone is treated fairly is 20 times more pathetic.
The fact that fanfic writers suck at writing.

Maybe that's not a trope, plus Sturgeon's Law and all that jazz, but still. There's so much cool stuff that COULD be done with fanfiction, but it never is. I guess because people who can actually write don't do it for free.

Okay, for a real one? Random AUs that have nothing to do with anything. Like taking all the characters from Star Trek and putting them in the modern mafia, or something like that. Especially if they're also grossly out of character, at which point it's just a crappy original story stealing names and nothing else from something much better.

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