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Okay, in more smutty fan fiction, this is one of the most annoying tropes I see that specifically deal with men:
  • Main love interest
    • Awesome at sex despite being a virgin (if writer chooses to mention virginity)
    • Super well hung (10+ inches flaccid, super thick, etc).
    • Knows exactly what the woman wants at all times
  • Villain/past love interest
    • Terrible at sex
    • Super tiny penis
    • Terrible at communication and always gets it wrong when trying to please a woman
I understand it’s supposed to be fantasy, but by having super unrealistic sex, it usually takes away from the overall story. It’s especially bad if they choose to copy/paste sex scenes in chapters to use as filler when the writer can’t come up with anything to advance the plot. There have been some otherwise good fanfics that I’ve stopped reading because the author emphasized made too many sex scenes.

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Yeah I've wondered more then once if writers who do this are in the closet. It's fucking weird to read a hetro smut fic that goes into very intimate loving detail over the MC's cock size and shape while skimming over the women's features.

I also laugh my ass off at how Naruto Uzumaki is a Casanova and sex god with a huge dick in smut fiction when he was such a dense dumbass in canon that he had to be bluntly told that Hinata was thirsty for his sausage for years in canon and this was after the chick said she loved him during the Pein arc and apparently there's a scene in the manga where he's said to have a small prick or something.
Haha, literally this:

If I'm going to read smut fics at all I prefer them to be realistic instead of being written like a bad porno.


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Haha, literally this:

If I'm going to read smut fics at all I prefer them to be realistic instead of being written like a bad porno.
I always laugh my ass off at the 10 inch + schlongs because that would be painful as hell for both the man and the woman. * according to polls women actually prefer smaller peen size for this reason *

But I suppose it's no different than giving women G cups and shit. Harmless fantasy.


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Agreed. It's especially bad when an adult is known to be more than fairly intelligent/competent.

Several years ago, I read an Ace Attorney fanfic that showed that the person writing had no concept of what the series was even about, on top of a lot of other awful fanfic tropes. It was like a car crash; so bad, but I couldn't look away.

-Main character (Phoenix Wright) turned into a hyperactive, horny jackass that acts like a teenager (not the straight man that he should be).
-No murders or other cases to solve, just wacky or "emotional" romance plots.
-Juvenile humor.
-Awkward sex scenes that added nothing to the story.
-Female character somehow knew she was pregnant one day after having sex.
-Author was told how that couldn't happen, so the next chapter said, "It was all a dream!"
-When said character did become pregnant, author inserted a bunch of copy-and-pasted pregnancy facts they read online somewhere. ("Look! I did my research!")
-Awkward as fuck scene where Phoenix takes advantage of a drunk girl, and it was supposed to be cute.

I haven't read many fanfics in my time, but this one ultimately got me to stop. I guess it was a blessing in disguise.
Forgive my act of cursing you once more.

Reading your post reminded me of a collection of fanfics that contained most of the themes you described (but who knows?). These long, smut-filled fics that revolve around the Ace Attorney men being muscular sex gods that blow the backs out of any females that they get their hands on.

This fanfic has a disbarred Phoenix so depressed by his lot in life, he (almost) bangs every chick in the series, and even dabbles in the gay somewhat, for laughs. He becomes an idol throughout the town and the girls treat him as such, creating a fan club for him. Yet, he still harbors romantic feelings for Maya deep down and wants to change later on.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not certain if one of these fanfics were your stopping point in the past, but yeah, they exist baby, in bulk.


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Love triangles. I think they can be done right if you squint, but I genuinely hate it, especially when there's cringey conflict between the two love interests.
The only right way to end love triangles is by creating a poly relationship between the fighting love interests and the person both of them are in love with.
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