Fanta was created for Nazi Germany - (Leftover apple fiber, cider press mash, cheese by-product) Or does this belong in the Chris forum?

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I don't know why you need to keep rubbing it in. So you Nazi bastards invented delicious orange Fanta. The Soviet Union still won the war and all they had was potato Vodka.

FUN FACT: The Fanta formula is completely different in Europe and the US. The European version tastes completely different and actually contains a small amount of juice. I noticed it when my local C-Town had imported Yuro Fanta from Italy(I also remember it tasting better back in home country when I was little.).
True, in Greece has 20% orange juice:

Fanta Orange is the number one orangeade in Greece. It contains 20 percent orange juice, natural orange flavourings, countless tingly bubbles and no colouring.

A 250ml serving of Fanta Orange contains 130 calories, while a 330ml Fanta Orange can contain the juice of one whole orange and 172 calories.

And I always knew its nazi past, but kudos to OP for bringing it up.
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So if he went full american hitler would the holocaust look more like this?

Just assume all the trucks are filled with Trump's Chosen People and they're driving to the camps instead of local stores to drop off coke
Why are Trump's Chosen People changed to Trump's Chosen, is this ta new filter, like with nigga?
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