Fantasy Murdoch Murdoch -

I have created a brand new Fantasy game based on Murdoch Murdoch.
People who want to play will predict the Timeline, Format, Subject, Focus Character, Celebrity Character,
and Post Watch Feels
of future Murdoch Murdoch episodes.

What is a Fantasy X game?
Fantasy games are usually sites that let users vote on what could happen the next episode. Fantasy Football
are the most popular games that use this format.

How do I voot?
Load up, pick the categories, and type in a nickname or
common identifier. Please note I can't put you on a leader board if you don't have a nickname.

When will the Voots be tallied up?
Voots will be tallied when Murdoch launches a new episode.
You can still vote after Murdoch Murdoch posts on their YouTube 'Community' tab.

Note: I do not know the exact date and time of each new episode. So I will just have to estimate
when it came out and tally up Voots accordingly.


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