Fargo - This is a True Story.

Tor Lugosi

The Holy One of Israel
Yeah, this probably my least favorite season but it's still better than at least 98% of the other drek on TV.


While I enjoyed most of it it did have it's issues. The better characters that seemed to carry the show died fast and early it seemed like, or they were just underutilized. Ethelreta (sp) was an extremely bland character and didn't add too much, seemed too perfect and it was very obvious nothing was going to be of consequence to her the entire season. I can see this being the weakest for a lot of people.

Sofonda Cox

True & Honest Fan
Well goddamn, Sir.

Sounds like it would be right up Samuel Beckett's alley.

Never would have considered watching, but will now.

Thanks, nigger.


Anyone know where I can find season four.
Netflix and Amazonndont have it and I really dont want to pay another streaming service.