Farmers redraw hideous tumblr art - You know you want to


cool cat from a bland show
Thought I'd take a crack at redrawing a pic from the "SJW ART" Thread, since I've got a bit of a soft-spot for the Mother series.
EDIT: @Coelacanth gets the credit to finding the Original drawing.
Did a quick edit:

ETA: I also edited the horrendous faces of a Gaara and Naruto fanart

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i found a tearzah drawing that i didn't hate, but i wanted to redraw it anyways. halfway through i realized it looked really creepy so i just went ahead with it and doused it in nightmare fuel, complete with a shitty placeholder background.
it's funny because i realized it kind of looks like karkat.


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This one made me snort so I redrew it.

Vertical belly button!

added le epic classique maymay because the original sounds the same
I shaded it insanely lazy because it's the wee hours and I wanna get back to whatever I was doing before. SLPT: Don't wanna shade the damn drawing? Double click the layer in medibang, set to watercolor edge. Now it looks like you put effort in!
Disclaimer: I haven't touched YanSim since like 2016. I don't know anything about this character other than her hair is green and she's a bland MMD model.

I find it hilarious half of these involve making a brown character white.
Most of those redraws seem to fall into one of these camps:
  1. White character who was made brown in a really haphazard way.
  2. Brown OC with ill-fitting features because the artist has a fetish and wholeheartedly believes they have way darker skin than they really do.
I think a bit of whitewashing is appropriate when everyone's in blackface. I'm amazed there aren't entire histrionic uproars on tumblr over fanart being the modern equivalent of the minstrel show.


I am saddened by the lack of thumbcramps on this thread. I actually like the concept of her art, and the idea of an artist that exclusively draws body positive art. But, well, you know... it's thumbcramps. I think I could get over the art style if she chose more aesthetically pleasing colors. I didn't want to spend too much time on this cus again i just want to mostly point out the colors. Thought it'd be a nice coloring exercise too :~)

Your redraw is so pretty I love it.

Im posting on mobile so i hope it looks ok..

My favorite characters are often hated by almost all of the fandom but somehow theres still racebent drawings of them. Also sorry its not a full body lol

(Dont want to criticize art styles just hate when ppl draw characters with different skin colors)
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