Farmers redraw hideous tumblr art - You know you want to

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I saw this in SJW art and I just had draw it mainly to figure out what is going on. The picture is like it looks fine enough when first see it but more you look it less it makes sense. From pose to shading to colors, it's kinda okeyish but also clearly wrong. I seriously can't figure out how the butt supposed to work. It's more gets uncanny more I watch it. So I did simple redraw to give her body that makes sense. I left out the scarf and text but gave her actually nice looking underwear/bikini instead. Also it's weird how much heavier my girl looks than then ordinal despite me following the body lines pretty faithfully.


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Oh noo my two favorite champs, what have they done to them??
i fixed them, kind of. Also i dont get how evelynn or akali are both lesbians???? evelynn is a demon who kills men, she pretty much kills anyone honestly. Akali is straight, and in no way gay.

Im alright with having your head canons or whatever its called, but i don't think saying that them being lesbian is canon and everyone should accept it and not say anything about it, is kinda insulting. Wish people could stop jumping onto the KDA train and actually take their time to read the lore and the champs before saying "i MaDE tHeM GaY thEreFORe iTs CaNOn". As i heard, Akali is mostly shipped with Kayn and her voice lines when near kayn really indicate that she has a crush on him, soooo where is she gay again? exactly. nowhere. aaanyway dont mind my weebish artstyle and the low effort.


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I saw this and was just compelled. It looks so bad.
How do you miscolor the eye shines and pupils??? Why is her rouge everywhere, like she slept in her make-up? Is she supposed to be a sex worker because of the caption? Is that why it looks like she's drugged out of conscious thought? She looks lowkey miserable, and that's not a good look especially when you're trying to justify sex work in your giant unwieldy thought bubble. It just looks like she's justifying her life choices to herself after having sex for rent money.
I tried to actually give her agency/expression, rather than the vacuous, cow-like gaze she had in the original image. Now she's upset/worried, probably 'cause she's thinking about the ethical dilemma of sex work and the madonna-whore complex and her giant no-margin thought balloon just floated away.

I eyedropped from the original picture, but after color adjusting she came out like this. I tried to make everything a little more pink overall to make it look nicer. I didn't want to draw her heart stickers, they just...I'm sorry, unless the character is a child or doing decora kei, it looks horrible. Who puts stickers all over their face? I didn't even like stickers on my face when I was a kid. So I just gave her heavy make-up.


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I though I would give this one a go too since I actually liked a lot of what was already there. The art style is VERY visually interesting, absolutely not knocking that-- I just don't know why she was drawn as a bodybuilding dad with heart disease.
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I was too horrified by the diabetic gangrene to not try to help this bitch
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thank you for blessing this thread with your beautiful fixes!!
i love how you still made her chubby but not horrific to look at, and actually with shape to her legs and hips.. you know. like a human person has :') really great work. love your painting too.

I was too horrified by the diabetic gangrene to not try to help this bitch
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Probably unpopular, but I'm not really even bothered they draw these characters with body hair or fixate on them not being conventionally attractive (which, I'm assuming is the intention even if the execution always sucks). There are plenty of good artists that draw sad normal-incredibly ugly characters and can make them beautiful subjects in their illustrations. It's never these kinds of artists to do it though. A lot of Tumblr/SJW art styles tend to miss the mark for me by making the characters unrealistically ugly while trying to pass it off as some type of "normal". They are unattainable ugly standards. You'd think the only people that exist are overly pretty Instathots or Quasimodos here in clown world going off current art trends. Not every female character needs to be a super model, I'd agree with the sentiment, but combating unrealistic beauty standards in art by drawing women as literal blob monsters is lunacy and even less true to reality.

When it comes to this person's art, their characters aren't even believably disfigured or mutated, they just erase any and all feminine traits and exaggerate things that would be considered unflattering to the point of it seeming fetishy. Are they intended to be troons? Because there is nothing biologically feminine about that character. This isn't even a passably hideous woman, which is the biggest detriment to the drawing and probably to the message they're trying to convey through their work tbh. If it is a troon then they should get cancelled like tranny Captain America, because in that context, this reminds me of that but actually worse. LOL

Blocky torso, bolt-on tits, broad shoulders, big hands and feet...goofy, out of place female head pasted on. I don't even care about the stretch marks or leg beard. They could draw all that over your character and it would be passably realistic in terms of what some "real" women look like assuming that's their point in drawing such things. Even without, your rendition is infinitely more "normal" compared to real women. The beast on the left is just a fucking creature.

Ranting aside, beautiful work btw! Your repaints are really nice.


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I think someone else on this thread has done this one, but I wanted to give it a go, because they massacred my boy D:
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The arbitrary pride pins and vitiligo...
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Anyways, I tried my best. I know the hands are wack and a half. I'm working on it.
I think you made Flick look really cute! I also really like your art style. You can definitely draw hands infinitely better than I can, by the way. :lol: