Horrorcow Farrah F'n Flawless / Pauly Unstoppable / Paul R Mowery - fully tattooed tranny beggar


But in the stone age...!
Joshua Rahn was stabbed trying to rob someone and Shannon Larratt committed suicide. Mental illness folds in with this kind of extreme body modification a lot. I enjoy body modification, but when you’re splitting your penis and risking the health of your eyes, it’s no surprise there’s underlying issues.
Well fuck, I thought Joshua Rahn was the owner of the house that was broken into. Shannon was going to die soon either way though, he killed himself to put himself out of the pain that would eventually kill him anyway. As much of a dick-cutting obsessed lunatic as he was, that's still pretty sad imo.


No cereal will ever be good enough
Does Paulie still have his teeth? With all those scars from previously stretched holes and the black work, it looks like he can be giving gummies to fund his lifestyle. Otherwise he can just pay someone to knock them out so that he can start giving gummies.
It took a fair bit of scrolling, but I did find evidence of his having teeth on his Instagram (and they look discolored enough to be natural). It does make me wonder though: for someone so obsessed with both “fashion” (emphasis on the quotations) and his own appearance in general, how tf does dude have no idea how he looks?? Even WITH his gross tastes and preferences, even if he still wanted to look like mutilated walking bpd, how does he not know that his closed-mouth smile and lack of lipstick make him look lipless and really, really awful/way less pass-able? How does he not see that a decent mid-price dark brown/black bob wig with bangs would go MILES toward making him look less like a rotten potato? These aren’t even suggestions that would make him look like a normie- he never, ever will- but jfc Pauly get it together.
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How do they get away with posting this kind of stuff while working as a manager in a retail job? Tattoos and mods are a big deal on their own, but posting sexually on a public profile is a whole nother element. How can you expect anyone you interact with in a professional environment to take you seriously?
Do retail jobs do background checks or Google searches? When I worked retail the only job requirements were " wear pants and don't by high."

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We need a new stickie just for this thread - bottle of bleach.

For everything. There's not one thing aesthetically pleasing, from his hideous clothes to his ludicrous shoes up to and including his face/stink ditch (interchangeable cos can't tell difference.)

He really is just one hiccup away from bawling on the floor in the corner, cuddling a bottle of vodka and regretting every life choice he's made, isn't he? D'you reckon it actually helps when his ridiculous stans post their dribbling "WOW! heartheartheart" or "soooooo prity!!!!!!! I wish I loked lik u!!!!!!!!!!!!!" because yes, Pauly, these edgy young things truly want to look like a fat blue collander. In its late sixties.

Him I mostly feel sorry for. But what is the motivation for all the gushy comments he always gets? I presume virtue-signalling, but please tell me otherwise or we need another war.
It's just virtue-signalling, yeah. Farrah looks like a thumb and everyone knows it, including Farrah.
Unfortunately we live in an age where if you tell Pauly anything other than "yass queen slay" it's considered bigotry. Just dead name the fucker and move on with your life. He's not a tranny, just a faggot masochist with extreme self loathing issues.

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