Fashion Show - JY Edition - The outfits and stylings of our fat pedo king

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A rare photo in which Yaniv is NOT wearing his fallen-and-can't-get-up button strung on a filthy lanyard around his neck. Will go for thousands in the Yaniv Memorabilia Auction.

This, I think, is the acanthosis nigricans that was surgically removed while he wailed about his imminent demise on Facebook.
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.31.14 PM.png

Here may be the location of further acanthosis nigricans because (a) looks like it and (b) is the kind of place acanthosis nigricans likes to be on fat diabetics:
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.31.19 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.31.23 PM.png

But what is this and why can't Yaniv take it off when wearing cheesy fake jewels as befits a fabulous, rejected beyewty queen?
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.32.15 PM.png

This, btw, is what Jabba the Nutt thinks we see when we look at that picture:
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.45.05 PM.png

Just a boring name

Jesstified Ancient of MuuMuu
I really hope that metal circle on the necklace isn't the name tag from the Shrodinger Dog
(Has there been any confirmation yet on whether poor pupper is alive or not?)