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My best guess is that "vulva gape" refers to the fact that the span horizontally (parallel to the floor if she is standing) across her labia majora is probably very wide and the crotch width of a non custom sized swimsuit will typically leave the distal end of each labia majora uncovered. In simpler terms or AAVE, this is colloquially spoken of as having a "fat pussy." Though that typically has positive connotations that, forgive me God, I can only guess would NOT apply to livid lipid's pubic area.

I take vulva gape (pls Lord let that be the first and last time I ever have to type those two words together) to mean that the average suit has to attempt to stretch in every possible direction to maneuver on her gut and all that extra in between the leg area flesh and oftentimes the actual crotch of the suit is stretched to the limit and doesn't fit.

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Corissa did a Insta spon video for KY Jelly. No idea how to download the video, but it's fucking traumatizing. Not to mention dishonest. Like those two CPAP-wearing barely-mobile fat fucks who have the aches and pains of 85 year-olds have actual sex.

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J looks so uncannily like a baby that this made me laugh. Like seeing an infant who found mom's vibrator--it's so unbelievably ridiculous.



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That is the ugliest effing shirt I've ever seen, lol.

Anna is really looking every bit of her age and poor health these days. Even makeup can't cover up how sickly she is.
With makeup, she’s a really rough 35.
Without makeup, she’s a haggard 48 year old.

Just on looks alone, Glitter shows how bad you look after living years of complete hedonism. She may have been able to hide it better a few years ago, but all the filters, makeup and angles can’t hide how bad she’s aging.

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Funny she’s wearing a shirt that says she’s “doing her best”. If she were doing her best, she wouldn’t be the size of a house.
All these fat acceptance people insist they aren't fat because they eat bad foods yet take photos like this. And didn't she just post herself eating macarons? No normal sized person goes out for desserts this often.