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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by AtroposHeart, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. A new video is up by Anna. She talks about feeling depressed, but still doing the haul because nothing makes her happier "then opening a box of clothing." It's also a sponsored video by Torried. She talks about how she was a "model" for Torried's demin AD. Oh and a cow crossover at 3:34, she got the same black unicorn pullover as Amberlynn.
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  2. Jesus Christ Anna, easy on the dog.

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  3. Does Anna even go to holiday parties? Most of her new clothes look like something that someone could only wear for two weeks in December or at a company Christmas event, but Anna is unemployed and barely seems to leave her apartment. I guess she's just a true-blue hoarder at this point. And why bother paying (or having Daddy pay) NYC rent if she's a shut-in for half of the year? Her life confuses me, lol.
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  4. I enjoy when she poses on sidewalks and in front of doorways because there's a convenient context for how FUCKING HUGE SHE IS.

    Those are like 44" thighs, aren't they?
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  5. Warning: :islamic::islamic::islamic: Ahead

    Her styling isn’t too bad with the grey outfit, but due to the fabric, it’s very unflattering as a whole.

    The faux fur and leggings combo with the tight bun looks ridiculous though. Even if someone thinner were wearing it, it would still be ugly
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  6. I'll give her this, at least she has the balls not to Photoshop out her lumps and craters like Tess Holiday does. It makes her glorification of obesity less horrible by comparison as she doesn't act like being obese gives you an hourglass figure with a bigger perfect butt like many do. Still glorifying it, but displays an honest portrayal of their bodies at least
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  7. It's cruel that brands even make clothes for death fatties out of such thin material like that gray jumpsuit. Anna looks like an industrial-sized sack of cement. Ffs I can see the cellulite on her gunt through it.

    And I feel bad about her friend with cancer. That's just fucking sad.
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  8. Read this article if you want to rip your hair out: What your thinness takes from you: What a culture of anti-fatness takes from people who don’t wear plus sizes

    "Suddenly, my hot mouth overflowed. I told you that I wouldn’t get the same deal — fat people rarely do. I told you that the last time we’d gone to the buffet near our old office, I’d eaten half as much as you, but been charged double. I told you that when you were surprised with a major raise during your last review, I’d been denied even a cost of living adjustment. I told you that even if you didn’t want special treatment, your size and your looks invited you into a different world — one that mine wouldn’t allow me to enter."

    Why would a person be charged double for a buffet with a fixed price?

    "In that world, we work together for outcomes that serve both of us: more comfortable airline seats. More clothing options for all sizes, more standardized sizing, and more affordable clothing made by fairly compensated workers. More accurate, precise health and nutrition information that doesn’t just rely on weight as our lone health indicator. More accessible spaces for people with disabilities, pregnant people, people of all sizes."

    So you want quality clothing in sizes ranging from 00 to infinity made by well-compensated workers...but you don't want to pay more, lol. And people like you typically scoff at other true measures of health like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, waist circumference, cardiovascular fitness, etc. anyway since "health is not a moral imperative"--unless, of course, you have "perfect blood work," which you then brag about as if you're an exemplary fit fatty.
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  9. Wait back the fuck up, she got charged double at a buffet for being FAT? How does that work, does the restaurant have a scale installed at the door? Seriously, at least try harder with your Stdh.txt stories. That’s just absurd.

    (Edit: sorry didn’t see you wrote about the fixed price too)

    The most telling part of that article is at the bottom. “The author has chosen not to show responses to this article.” Yeah, disable those comments like a brave warrior!
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    #5089 AbraCadaver, Dec 5, 2018 at 9:45 PM
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  10. I've encountered posts from her before...she's awful.

    What I don't get is that she has like two things on Medium about being a lesbian, and like eight trillion things about being fat, including one about how making fun of Chris Christie for being fat is bad or whatever.
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    Crunchy Leaf

    Crunchy Leaf cronch

  11. Anna's butthurt that people are calling her out for doing a sponsored IG post with her cancer survivor friend (which is indeed, tacky as fuck). Almost every single post she does now is sponsored by modcloth or threadup or some other bottom barrel fat girl brand.

    Her lip is looking as nasty as ever. Now she has another sore above it.


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  12. Anna needs some Valtrex. That shit ain't normal. And she shouldn't have been around her immunocompromised friend with that shit festering on her face.
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  13. Anna looks worse then she normally does. One would think her lip would of healed by now. For such an "Empowered Women" she sure does have thin skin.
  14. "Your thinness took your ability to believe me, and people who look like me. It stole away with your ability to identify and believe the bias we face — the bias that lives in those around you. It took the fullness of the world around you, reduced it only to those who look like you, quietly and passively erasing the rest of us."

    I doubt it was her thinness that "took away" anything. My money is on age, experience, and growing maturity enabling her to see that some people really are the creators and sustainers of their own goddamned misery, and that fighting the good SJW fight for somebody who routinely makes poor choices and blames everyone else for the shitty outcomes of those choices is a losing game.

    God, it always comes down to "I want more cute, cheap clothes, just like the skinny girls get!" with these bitches. But if she knew a single goddamned thing about the process of designing, manufacturing, and marketing clothes, she'd know that making plus-size clothes that are cute, varied, affordable, and that don't depend upon the most exploitative sweatshop labor practices is pure fantasy.

    But weight is never the "lone health indicator." It is, however, an incredibly significant indicator of and precursor for a host of health problems, and losing weight can help reverse, or at least manage those conditions. Pretending that being obese has no effect on your health is, again, pure fantasy. And I'll bet this sad landwhale already has health conditions she doesn't want to admit are the result of her obesity.
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    Angry New Ager

    Angry New Ager (10/22/2000 - 12/12/2013; free at last 6/22/2018)

  15. New video by Anna. She goes on a rant about sizing. She looks and sounds horrible. The fact that she is still sick, should be a wake up call to lose weight and get her life together.
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  16. I just looked into this woman a couple of weeks ago, because I was considering doing a thread on her. I decided not to because she isn't that noteworthy tbh. She pretty much spouts the same bullshit you hear from anyone else in the movement. She likes to pretend she's some invincible, anonymous martyr for muh fat acceptance, but she isn't very good at it. She's posted about her location several times, and one of the first people she followed on Twitter is a close IRL friend.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 2.59.56 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 3.01.05 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 3.00.45 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 3.27.22 PM.png
    Name: Aubrey Gavin Harrison
    Alias: Your Fat Friend / YrFatFriend
    DOB: 11/09/1983
    Location: 4017 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR, 97212
    Employment: Director of Oregon Voice
    Education: Bachelor in Gender Studies - Brown University (lmfao)

    Your Fat Friend / YrFatFriend Activity
    https://linktr.ee/yrfatfriend - archive
    https://www.yourfatfriend.com - archive
    https://twitter.com/yrfatfriend - archive
    https://www.patreon.com/yrfatfriend - archive
    https://www.facebook.com/yrfatfriend - archive
    https://www.instagram.com/yrfatfriend - archive 1 - archive 2
    https://medium.com/@thefatshadow - archive

    IRL Internet Activity
    https://www.facebook.com/aubrey.harrison - archive
    https://www.instagram.com/cathect (locked)
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/aubreyh - archive
    https://statevoices.org/state-tables/oregon/ - archive
    http://oregonvoice.org/staff/ - archive
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    Gengar Dream Eater
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  17. ^Omg, could this bitch be more predictable?

    And imagine paying $200K to major in mendacious speculation, whining, and data fabrication. Also now I see why her "thin friend" is likely more successful and makes more money than she does; does the friend happen to have a degree in something practical and specialized? But let's just accuse everyone of being biased and discriminatory instead. Disingenuous as fuck!

    And ugh, her big fat meatball head. It's punchable.

    Edit: Here's another picture of her from 2009:

    It's rich when people who choose to work for unnecessary nonprofits lament that they have no money.
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    #5097 rocknrollmartian, Dec 8, 2018 at 3:46 PM
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  18. LOL. So she went to Brown (fucking Brown!) for a degree that will only get her hired by nonprofits--and even then, she'll never rise to the best-paying jobs in that sector, which often go to people with degrees and experience in business, finance, or law (because they know how to actually run shit, or at least keep the money flowing in).

    Unless she has very wealthy parents who footed the bill for her college indoctrination (and I don't sense she does--they're probably typical ultra-liberal Boomers who have all kinds of principles, but who suck at making and investing money), her fat ass is absolutely swamped by student loan debt, and the steadily compounding interest thereof. But she's never going to get out of nonprofits with a BA in Gender Studies, which means she's never going to have any money, ever. She's never going to get advantageous financing on a new car--not because she's fat, but because she's deeply-indebted and modestly paid.

    Yeah, I can see why she's so bitter about her "sellout" skinnybitch former friend who got a useful (or at least not actively toxic) degree, and is now making $200K/year, and who got tired of her self-pitying shit.
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    Angry New Ager

    Angry New Ager (10/22/2000 - 12/12/2013; free at last 6/22/2018)

  19. I’m amazed by people who tell me that MY size is creating their problems with being fat. My thinness has taken away their ability to find clothes that fit and comfortable airline seats. It wasn’t caused by them eating 3500 calories a day, it was caused by me NOT doing that. Incredible.
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  20. Interesting. Glitter is just a blonde version of our cow Chantal with the crucial difference of having a rich daddy. I’ve thought this before but reading these old blogs confirms it.

    Glitter thinks she’s hot shit (comments on how pretty she is) and you get the impression that she believe the only thing standing between her and model status is just that pesky 350 lbs - just like Chantal.

    I think if Glitter didn’t have Daddy paying for a NYC apt she’d be staring in some little crappy flat with a African dude trying to get a visa and binging on Arby’s. She basically lives Chantal’s life only dad pays for her to live it in NYC in her own flat.

    Wonder if Chantal follows Glitter on IG? She probably hates Glitter because she’s a envious bitch who’s even jealous of Al ffs.
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