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Community Fat Acceptance Movement

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by AtroposHeart, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. That first dress is atrocious, the boil rubbing is nauseating. "How can you not have this in your closet?!‽" I have a million reasons. Damn, Anna is obnoxious. Booty is popping. HAHAHA.
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  2. The only popping thing I saw were the seams :biggrin:
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  3. So, this is how much calories and fat she ate in one sitting. Two of them had topping to add, so I'm not sure that was included in the total from the website, but I bet not.
    628 calories, 49 grams of fat and 63 grams of total carbs in four doughnuts. She stated around 10:40 this is a fat girls dream because she can "eat doughnuts and not gain weight, within moderation of course. " This is deathfat logic at its best. She uses the fact the doughnuts are labeled keto to eat the entire box in one sitting.
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    #5903 weaselhat, Feb 10, 2019
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    weaselhat donut weez

  4. >63 grams of total carbs

    thats like eating a big juicy ribeye steak while claiming to be on a vegan diet lmao
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    BigRuler lmao bottom text

  5. Those red pants and that one black shirt she picked would look great together with a low heeled black boot/bootie and few modest pieces of jewelry. But on someone else. I don't mean a super model or an anorexic, just someone who takes care of their body and face. Jeez-louise, don't rub your seeping, boil filled face against things you aren't buying. Plagues start that way for God's sake!

    Sorry, that and Chantal's eating/cooking with loose hair just squick me out.
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    #5906 Fat Pikachu, Feb 10, 2019
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  6. "We live in a landscape now where everyone wants to feel oppressed, though"
    Yes, much like how fat girls point to being "oppressed" for their body type as the reason they should be entitled to success in the dating world. Wacky.
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    Dismaying Tree

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  7. that's why you never fuck a fatty even on a dare
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    Null Ooperator

  8. They're walking the dangerous line of femceldom
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    Cricket Evil from Concentrate
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  9. Speaking from experience? :lit:
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    Wake me up

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  10. you just feed them instead
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  11. Think for a moment that this is the best picture a professional photographer could take of her.


    This is the centerpiece for the story. Of course life is hard because you're fat, boo, it's definitely not that relationships are hard for everyone more often than not. Bad stuff only happens to YOU, sweetheart.

    How am I not surprised that her ego is as big as her pants? Of course thin women never ever end up with abusive men or assholes in general. Every thin relationship is just pure unbridled love and understanding, no one ever gets hurt unless they eat too many donuts! In romantic comedies thin Cameron Diaz and thin Adam Sandler always have a great time together and end up happily ever after! It never happens to me because I'm fat! That's the only possible explanation!
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    Wake me up

    Wake me up CωC Club founder

  12. Sarah Ann was too fat for her dress and she broke the zipper. He friend found something to cover her back with. A guy wants to take a picture of someone. Sarah Ann is in the way of this guys photo and does not move out of the way. Guy moves Sarah Ann out of the way. All this happened, because everyone hates fat people.
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  13. Oh, I remember that shit. That Kell woman was so vile every other FA obeast there seemed downright sweet and reasonable in comparison; she just wouldn't stop talking about set point and how Heidi is one hundred percent gonna fail/die (spoiler: Heidi lost more than two hundred pounds iirc and kept them off for a decade so there's that) and she kept insisting it was dieting that made Heidi 550 pounds where Heidi herself - in that very post this bitch was commenting on, mind you - explicitly said she gained all that weight because she was stuffing her face with ungodly amounts of junk food for years... Fun stuff.

    It was on Kate Harding's blog; her comment section is fascinating. So many seemingly intelligent women eloquently writing all those lies, delusions and nonsense... it was amazing. And so so fun. Bless them. :feels:
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    #5914 yeahno, Feb 11, 2019
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  14. Why didn't that article writer write about how hard it is to date as a dark skinned black woman? It's much more sympathetic a topic, and I know I've read about dark skinned black guys passing up women their own color in favor of light skinned/biracial black women.

    Nearly all of the 'guys won't date me' fat chick articles are written by upper middle class white women. Now this is correlated with the fact that most vapid internet articles are written by upper middle class white women, but...do they actually have a harder time dating? Since richer women are more likely to be skinnier, richer men can be more discerning about weight and all.
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    Crunchy Leaf

    Crunchy Leaf cronch

  15. Not seeing our girl Anna in any #fatatfashionweek party pics, even spotted Virgie Tovar, Tess Holiday and the chick Anna just went with to Cuba. It's like she doesn't have any friends or something...
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  16. I've almost started to feel genuinely bad for her. She's got dad's money but she is incredibly fucked up otherwise. Her personality is so cringey and over the top that nothing short of a massive wakeup call and years of working on herself and therapy will fix it. Holy fuck. Gotta wonder what the deal is with her sister and mom that apparently both died of obesity related complications.

    Don't get me wrong she deserves to be made fun of, but she doesn't seem cunty like chantal or tess she just seems ignorant, basic, and incredibly over confident.
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  17. None of this would be a problem if fat girls were willing to date other fat people.
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  18. It's almost like fat people know that obesity is ugly or something.
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  19. God, I have second-hand embarrassment just from watching the video (I can imagine her friend was, too). Anna, just because you like to "live your life to the fullest" doesn't mean that it's a free pass to act like a fool in a communist foreign country.
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    #5920 Pina Colada, Feb 12, 2019
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