Horrorcow FatBoyGetDown / Steven John Assanti - MASSIVELY Overweight Leech, Proud Useless Asshole, Reality TV "Star", Slowly Killing Self via Fat.

Should Steven be a horrorcow? Or should he stay prefix'd lolcow?

  • Keep as lolcow

    Votes: 26 9.4%
  • Change to Horrorcow because he's really gross.

    Votes: 251 90.6%

  • Total voters


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Girlfriend? I thought he was gay.
I thought he was gay too, I can't remember where I heard it. All I remember is that he got this depressed look when his father ribbed him about finding a girlfriend on one of the 600 lb Life episodes.

Personally I think he gets off on the attention more than anything.
He doesn't have too many options anyway. Regardless of whether he likes men or women, it would take a forklift just to find his penis.

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Alright, I've teased about this in the past but can actually confirm without a reason of doubt that Justin and his father Steven, STILL live in this house. (See below for sauce.)

23 Argyle St.
Cranston, RI

These 2 Google pictures are SUPER outdated (circa 2011)
assanti google 2.png

assanti google.png

(Zillow Archive unavailable, screenshots below)
zillow assanti.png
zillow assanti 2.png
zillow assanto 3.png
Updated photos of the home in question 2018 by super spies.

Notice the dog in the backyard that Justin mentions all the time.
I also have heard that the "Medical RV" that brought Steven to Houston, TX is in fact now parked back in the driveway of this house. Is Steven back home???? Only time and boots on the ground may tell...
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