Favorite Alcohol/Food Combo -


Hugh Janus
Natty Daddy (25oz) and take-n-bake pizza (usually Papa Murphy's). Honestly a favorite of mine

Other than that it's rum and dr.pepper with something deep-fried.


Pizza and or Chicken wings/Pollini with any type of whisky/bourbon. Haven't had one whisky that didn't go or sit well with me. Enjoyed it each and every time so far.
Salmon(usually)Pike, Bass etc. Most fish fried) really and nice golden crispy fries with a spicy rum(preferably but any rum.)
Tacos good well with any whisky. Hell even some vodkas.
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Strange Wilderness

Beer and frozen chicken bites. I was once so drunk and hungry for a box of Tyson General Tsos Anytizers I ripped them out halfway through cooking and ate them half frozen and raw. Didn't get salmonella in case you were all wondering.
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I tend to have alcohol as a dessert after dinner, but my favorite pairing would be a really hoppy golden ale with fresh baked bread. A favorite would be Low Bridge by Big Ditch. Its a local brewery in Buffalo where all the beer names are based off of the Erie Canal.

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The Wizard

I have spells.
You can never go wrong with Bangers & Mash and a glass of ale.
I usually pour an Old Chub when having this meal.


True & Honest Fan
im not the type of person who eats while drinking, so most of time i'll pass out drunk out of my ass and wake up the next day craving anything sweet.

if i had to go the normie route, i would say red wine and cheese or sake with lemon and pepper chips