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Favorite and Least Favorite Types of LolcowsTell us yours!

Discussion in 'Lolcow General' started by Reynard, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Another lolcow I dislike are those who did one scummy thing but are deemed as a lolcow based on who they are associated with.

    Another I dislike are some of the political lolcows cause they aren’t that funny (Save for Movieblob, and QoP)

    I really find cartoon lolcows hilarious
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    Truthboi Prince of filthy weeaboos

  2. Dramacows and youtube/fashion/beauty guru/etc cows are my absolute favorites ever. I find the absurdity so fascinating.
    Political cows can be fun, but in small doses. Same with horrorcows.

    I cannot fucking stand mra/mgtow/red pill/etc. cows. To me, they're all either try-hards or edgelords. It's just not amusing.
    Not a huge fan of fandom cows in general, but that's because I usually don't know (or care) enough about the fandom to have any context.
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    Blake Bumbleby

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  3. The more insane and out of touch with reality, the better the lolcow. I’ve always had an interest in crazy people.
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    Kevin Spencer

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  4. I like crazy but harmless, although those are lately about the rarest kind.

    Rat kings and one note political spergs who do nothing but tweet are played out.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  5. I enjoy Careercows. They usually have giant egos and regularly do exceptional shit to fulfill the demands of those egos on the daily. Brianna Wu, Boogie, etc. Harmless idiots with a nice daily dosage of exceptional behavior. It's nice to be able to reliably predict how a cow is going to fuckup.

    I also enjoy the political crazies like Garland, Gu and a select few people from Resetera. With these sjw political cows its always a game of finding what they're compensating for.

    I don't enjoy horrorcows or bog standard troons. You can read the OP of a horrorcow thread and get everything worth reading pretty quickly. Troons are nice to laugh at but if you follow one you're basically following them all because with troons its always the same shit. Wu is basically the only Troon that is entertaining to follow.

    Apoth42 Hehe xd

  6. I like ones who, while possessing basic intelligence and can maybe being able to fool people into thinking they're smart, have entire existences and worldviews that are inherently contradictory and are too idiotic to see it and lord them over other people, like Bob who wants to move into some egalitarian future where everyone is equal except for their intellect even though he's a fucking moron or trannies and leftists who post about the rise of the proletariat on Facebook from their Iphones.

    Not a fan of ones who are just straightup exceptional or insane, I probably wouldn't even like Chris if he wasn't the OG and there wasn't so much history.
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  7. I like the CWC and DSP types. Real weirdos who you can get a kick out of, knowing they'll do crazy or just plain dumb stuff entirely on their own initiative. Harmless (for the most part) clowns.
    My least favorites are people like YandereDev and Greer. Sleazy, bitchy perverts who seem kind of funny at first, but end up being more depressing the longer you follow them.
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  8. My least favorite are SJWs and whatever the fuck you want to call the rightwing equivalent, simply because I find them not funny, and just plain cringy and rage inducing (Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, Alison Rapp, Sargon of Akkad, Mundane Matt, Milo Yiannopolas)
    My absolute favorite are the kind that make terrible webcomics/cartoons/books/etc. that give a good insight into their psyche/ego/etc. (Chris Chan, Tom Preston, Connor Bible, John K.)
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    NARPASSWORD Kiwi Farms' shitposting, weeb hating furfag

  9. I actually used to watch sargon’s stuff but just sort of stopped after a point for whatever reason. I have no clue what he’s up to now, and if he’s truly a lolcow or not.

    Reynard Alpha [She]Male

  10. The best lolcows for me are the ones who think they're outsmarting everyone. Jake Alley, Sophie Labelle, Toren, to some extent Fire, and of course ADF. I particularly enjoy the ones who get caught out and then try to do damage control - it's at those times that the true extent of their stupidity is revealed. An ideal cow should be more than a one-trick pony, and for preference should occasionally come out of nowhere with something utterly deranged, like Sisterwood or Phil's gash.

    I'm not generally a huge fan of careercows and celebritycows, because they tend to just be assholes. Horrorcows are usually pretty one-note in my experience. My least favourite, though, are the skitzocows. For me, a lolcow needs to have attained their status by virtue of their own choices to be truly satisfying. A skitzocow is basically someone who can't help it, which to me is more sad than funny. They're fascinating, because a really broken mind is, but I personally find them a little uncomfortable.
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  11. My favourite kinda cow is the kinda cow that keeps spiralling down and down as thats enjoying to watch.
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  12. I think my favourite kind of cow are the ones that are oblivious to why they fail (The Skinner model of 'No, it's the children who are wrong')

    Least favourite are troons to be honest. Although Billy LaBelle is one of my favourites, it's more for his shitty webcomic than the fact he's a narcissistic man in a dress.
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  13. I really only care about cows that have to face serious repurcussions for their actions and/or their lives change in a short amount of time. That doesn't mean I have to find it funny 100% of the time, especially if said person is young and making irreversible decisions he/she will regret in the near future (see: Milo Stewart, any cow with access to a tattoo gun), because at that point it's just depressing. It's exactly like a car crash, though... I can't look away.
    On that note, I feel like I'm too late to the game to appreciate OPL in any meaningful way, considering I missed him in his prime and having 10+ years of his bullshit to catch up on.
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