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So that's where the random.txt comes from? Hirtes talking about being a furfag to the news?
Kid, you ain't seen nothin yet.



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@Webby's Boyfriend did the slowest run. Amazing that it took KF 2 years to notice he was completely Halal and really believed he was an animated character's boyfriend. (Also a pedo)
That's nothing compared to @LagoonaBlue who had an account from 2015 before she got found out, and we found pictures of her MLP panties.


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That's nothing compared to @LagoonaBlue who had an account from 2015 before she got found out, and we found pictures of her MLP panties.

Yeah, Harriet's halal was a classic, but hardly a speed run. That award I have to agree goes to @Zhan-Tiri13

I'm surprised she hasnt gotten an actual thread yet. Shes not the highest calibur lolcow, but the fact that the thread she made in prospering grounds is still keeping track of her deviantart nonsense is amazing.
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Not much of a halal, just some kid who posted feet pic to try to get his dox removed.

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Not technically halal, but I though it was hilarious how quickly the thread on WeeMars's chat retardation escalated into him getting doxed and further humiliated, especially now that @Weemars: The one ya dox'd is jumping in to dispute the dox.
I also think @IPreferEcchi getting doxed and posting his horrifying nudes/sextape was funny, although that never led to a halal.


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I can't find the thread but there was a guy who started his own lolcow thread as his first post.
Hasn't there been a couple of people who voluntarily start their own threads? I remember seeing at least 2 or 3, but I don't remember the names.

Also, what about that one ghetto-ass black hoodlum that would post on here about robbing places but said he was used to "edgy 4chan humor", so he was okay with being here? I have a vague recolection of that.

Edit: This dude. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/i-just-got-raided-by-my-local-police-ama.55463/
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Between the guy who showed up on the Farms with the dragon avatar and told us we should be nicer and use our powers for good, or the Chris Psychology chick who thought it would be cool to post her wellness check call to the police here.
Every time I see a person make a single post bad enough to get halal'd, I really want to make a parody of it to something mundane or irrelevant. They're written so well as copypastas.

You know what? Why not? Here's "My Suggestions/Observations for CBT (LARGE WALL OF TEXT)"
I've been thinking about how best to write down all the thoughts I've had as a casual observer of CBT. Well... I'm just gonna get right to the point of it all quickly. I don't think the focus of this activity is a good idea at all. Now just stop right there. I hear you typing on your keys furiously already. First of all, I DO NOT THINK THAT CBT SHOULD BE STOPPED AT ALL. I ALSO DO NOT WISH IT TO BE CEASED IN ANY WAY. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, we can talk about why I would make such a statement here.

Let's be quite honest here. This activity has been created to torture and directly ridicule horny men, whether justly or otherwise. But there is also a little something more to the act as well. There is a focus on sexualized pain as an ideal. More on that later. So, if I'm reading all this correctly, submissive males will find certain women or sadistic dominants and collect a list of things that they feel are humiliating and/or utterly painful. They will then offer these objects for their partners to crush and stab with. Such objects can include many many things including genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, and of course, ball-busting.

To be blunt, I believe that such things are below you all. I think that CBT can be better than this. And I'm not even necessarily talking about flogging or urethral sounding here. I wish to talk about something much larger and more important. This is not a little fetish, and if I'm judging things correctly, this kink is growing everyday. I think that tickle torture and erotic electrostimulation is a waste of your guys' valuable time and resources. Let me expand on this with a couple points.

1. When dealing with masochism, erotic humiliation is pleasure. Now, obviously horrific pain is bad, but even that be leveraged if you're smart enough. My point is that by giving these "submissive males" pain, you unconsciously give them pleasure. You know how Anita Sarkeesian got a seat at the UN? We gave it to her. Everyone that let her trample their testicles just gave her ammo. Love her or hate her, she knew how to be the dom and to use that.

2. A constant focus on ball stretching and ball crushing can eat into a community. You may argue that CBT has survived this long, so this point is null and void, but I would argue that CBT has survived DESPITE such things. All this ball busting happening around can cause discord, but as a wise person in a red and black striped shirt said, enmity sells. And there certainly is more and more of that going around these days. As you guys continue to focus on these scrotal squeezing and/or pulling things, it will affect the general attitude of the community. I've seen this first-hand and it was quite ugly. Guys, I am asking you, please do not fall into this same trap.

3. Testical cuffs are not pretty things. It's comforting to point at scrotum or a testical and say, "There, that's the target spot(s)." but the real unpleasant truth is that life is rarely that simple. Now, there is a time for masochistic pain and sadistic pleasure, but going for the nads like this constantly and unceasingly is not it. And not just that, it can be downright hypocritical. Everyone here has something torture. Every single person. Now, if they've asked to get their male-bag compressed, that's different. People who ask for it need to be cuffed by a good master, but that's another topic that I won't get into here. When it just comes to their twig and berries. Their undercarriage. Their meat and two veg, I hardly think it's fair to crush nuts and squeeze balls based only on one perspective. And even if the perspective is painful, the pleasure the person receives is often quite out of proportion with what they're suffering.

Now I did mention that this fetish could be better. That it could be doing something more important. I STRONGLY believe that CBT should drop its original purpose and instead focus whole-hog on working the shaft. I don't know if anyone here will remember this at all, but there was once a site called TOTSE (Temple of the Screaming Erection). It focused on wax play and male chastity devices. It operated for 20 years straight and acted as a safe harbor to all as long as they agreed to torture the shaft with the scrotum. The site was responsible for all sorts of great things that are sadly missing today in one part or another, and actually, many parallels can be drawn between TOTSE and CBT.

And that's why I suggest such a thing. You guys have probably noticed already, but the amount of major sites that are only focusing on ball busting is becoming worse and worse every day. Even the users take part in this with parachute/humbler/ball stretching systems that are INCREDIBLY vulnerable to Rupturing of the Testicals. CBT could be an oasis in the midst of this shit storm. I think this is already happening a little bit.

Now, having said all that, I don't really expect CBT to change overnight because of one rando person's topic and I have no idea just how receptive people here will even be to any of what I have to say, especially since I'm a completely new member here, but having said that, looking at some other pages reveals that people here on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at en.wikipedia.org, are not absolutely retarded and are willing to have a civil conversation about things, so I'm going to put this thread out there and hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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Why is there no haram threads? Halal means accepted in sand nigger religions. :/ I'm confused.
From a thread way back:
It looks like it's a new tag for forum users who have earned their own threads, which is only allowed under special circumstances. "Halal" as in "It's okay to eat these ones."