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Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen.
Phil is a quote machine, hardly a day goes by without him saying something that people, fans and detractors alike, will never forget!
So what have he said that will for ever be edge into your memory, what have made you laugh out loud, sigh heavily or simply rammed your fist into the wall in pure anger and frustration?

Mine is from his "This is my art" speech!
Where he claim that he creates art since the main character in the game won't move unless he touch the controller.

It is memorialized because of all the endless moments where he suddenly makes the loud outburst "I didn't do that!".


I‘m spooky uguuu~
I have a Micropenis.

Enough from me Phil often says "I don't know what to do" when playing a new game.
He repeates it ad nauseam that every normal human being would pause the game and look up the controls.


Lookin' for the good stuff


"Kojima world order is in effect here."

"Woow dude"



It's like 6 milli ways to die my nigga choose one
True & Honest Fan
"Online play.. Only the shitty may apply"
"Woooow, what a great game"
"Goodbye.. It's over.." [Persona 3 ragequit]



"I'M THE EDWARD SNOWDEN OF THE FGC!!!" (from his final SFV rant)
"I DID IT, WHAT? WH-WHAAATT?? WHAAAT??? I DID IT, I KILLED HIM AND THEN I DIED AND THE GAME SAID I DIED! He had no energy bar left, I killed him legittimately and the game said I died!" (from his MMX3 playthrough)
"Your mother probably shat you out, you fucking piece of shit, learn how to fucking play a game and be a honorable fucking player and don't spam projectiles you stupid fucking idiot"(Injustice 1)
"So now, as you live in your mom's basement you can celebrate by eating you whole bag of doritos and chugging down your fucking fanta cuz you gotta win with Deathstroke, you are so good, cuz you rock back and shot bullets, fuck you you stupid little bitch" (from his Injustice 1 Deathstroke salt rant)



The DSPisms and DSP song guy
"Dicks ass titties nipples, fuck fuck shit dicks, anal anal... youno, double penetration”
- one of his Firewatch prestreams, when he mocked cursing I think? I forgot, it over was 1.5 years ago.
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speed bump, failed business, retired tism wrangler
True & Honest Fan
Retired Staff
"I have to fight as hard as I can,"

talking about wanting to keep his house.
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