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While I only found out about him due to the Down the Rabbit Hole video, Time Cube theory creator Gene Ray has to be up there.

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There's lots of old lolcows but the one i best remember is Raksha, a grown woman who had a weird obsession with the 80s Transformers cartoons. I mean we're a bit obsessed with our particular fandoms but this lady took it to the next level. She has an ED page but you have to read the Usenet posts on her drama and remember this was a few years before 9-11.

There's also the tfwiki.net crowd but the one that stands out is David Willis aka It's Walky because he had a temper tantrum every time a talented fan artist successfully transitioned to official paid comics work and he did not (because he's not as good as he thinks he is as evidenced by his failed webcomics).

Now that I think about it this is all rather tame by today's standards.

Edit: Oh lord Walky has a thread here https://kiwifarms.net/threads/david-walky-willis-shortpacked.13483/ I should have known
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I remember CAPalert who were around in the 90s and were a fundy movie review site that considered Mary Poppins the pinacle of cinema. Which is odd since they would dock films for use of magic, having clothes that were too high above the knee, or get iffy over the title of the film, Zeus and Roxanne, because the title character shared a name with a pagan god.

There's also Demonbusters where the host should be locked in a rubber room where the demons she saw even in candles and paisley can't get her.
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