Favorite Youtubers?


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Dec 16, 2013
The title kind of spoiled the point of this thread. If you visit Youtube regularly, which are some of your favorite channels to watch?

Personally I'm a huge fan of AlphaOmegaSin, because his opinion videos seem more sincere than those of other popular channels, probably due to the fact that he isn't really that close to his network. He is basically everything Jim Sterling claims he is (unbiased, a consumer advocate, funny), but without a Patreon.

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Sep 19, 2013
The only guys I really follow are Stuart Ashen and Kiwidude. The former because he's always awesome, the latter because it's hilarious to watch a guy from New Zealand eating military rations from foreign countries and being bewildered a pack of Twizzlers or Combos.


Mar 10, 2015
Definitely seconded Jontron and TotalBiscuit. His wacky voices get a little repetitive but I still enjoy most of Dookieshed's videos. Also Smooth McGroove is excellent.


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May 25, 2013
Let's see...

I can thank @Poison_Ivy for introducing me to Markiplier...

Otherwise, the other Youtuber channels I haunt regularly:
Razorfist (Much akin to AlphaOmegaSin, but has one of the sharpest wits I've ever come across)
JonTron (the funny former half of GameGrumps)
DasBoSchitt (creator of the Gmod Idiot Box - doesn't update as much anymore, but his stuff is usually quality)
Krunkidile (Legitimately funny SFM animator)
ShoddyCast (A pair of brothers that make real quality videos about vidya lore)
HybridLibrarian (One of those "Top 10 bah blah blah" channels, but this Frenchman does it with style)
BrendanielReads (Dramatic reader, was mentioned in the Sonichu subforum, and one of very few people that nearly made me pass out from laughing too hard)


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Aug 30, 2014
I like oliverage24. He doesn't post that much new stuff nowadays, but his "how to draw really good" tutorials are the best. I also love Ashens, because the products he reviews are so ridiculous. Shout out to gamegrumps too, they've improved since Jontron left (he's improved as well) imho.


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Feb 3, 2013
I do a lot of work in a studio full of people I don't really want to have conversation with so I usually have youtube playing nonstop. Some of my background noise:
RedLetterMedia. I started watching them a while ago and was like, "Holy shit these are my people." Their videos are intelligible and actually enjoyable to watch without wanting to lower the volume. Also I may have developed a massive crush on Jay but seriously he gets hotter every episode why is he doing this to me. I also really like Your Movie Sucks because - again - it's someone who's actually backing up their points with actual thought instead of screeching about it.
CreepsMcPasta I'm a sucker for really long creepypastas, and he has a really soothing voice. I watch a lot of game channels such as PeanutButterGamer, Caddicarus, Game Theorists and TamashiiHiroka.

I used to watch a lot of TGWTG in it's heyday because it seemed exciting and new that people were grouping together and making fun content, but the quality started low and never really got better. It's embarrassing. I used to watch GameGrumps too but they just seem really fucking disingenuous.


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Aug 4, 2014
My favorites so far through some, I learned to be picky about that after finding out the dark side of TGWTG.

JonTron: I'm happy to see a critic that's doesn't try too hard to be funny. It's refreshing.
Game Sack: They talk a lot of different games so it's fun to see the games I missed out.
AlphaOmegaSin: You could see the passion in his videos.
Chuggaaconroy: I loved his LP on Xenoblade, he did a great job on it.
RedLetterMedia: I loved the Star Wars reviews.
ZeRo: He does a lot of great Smash Bros videos showing off most of the characters.
Rasen Bran: He does a Shin Megami Tensei podcast that is excellent. His podcast made me love the series even more.
GoatJesus: I like his analysis videos, especially his Evangelion videos.
DouchebagChocolat: He does some really good anime reviews.
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Mar 25, 2015
Million Dollar Extreme is probably my favourite thing on the internet.
Everything from the big video projects, large-scale stunts like Dark Sykes, the TED Talk and the anime con presentation as well as the overall type of humour and the opinions Sam Hyde seems to genuinely have just really appeals to me.


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May 5, 2014
For me, the holy triumvirate of God-tier Youtube personalities will always be Cr1tikal, the Best Friends Zaibatsu and Northernlion. Yahtzee doesn't count as he uploads his videos on the Escapist website first.


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Feb 15, 2015
Garfunkel and Oates channel even though there hasn't been a new video there in half a year. I quite enjoy their music.

For comedy, I also go to Highest Primate's channel for my needs there. Ted Torbich, oldfartrants and some other political channels are some of my favorites too. I could probably think of some more.


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Apr 6, 2015
Lets players
justafriend did spyro games, and shows them off nicely too
iconoclast does mostly horror but also did the swapper
chip cheezum does metal gear solid amongst other things

currently doing a dramatic reading of sonichu, and other things

if you like cube puzzles, then you will love this channel

one of the best YTPers, usually long, always loud. just fun