Favorite Youtubers?


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Jul 31, 2020
I am the most basic of bitches but all i can say is hey hey people.

Geoff Peterson

Dec 16, 2019
Youtube has been recommending me PatmanQC videos and they're pretty inoffensive. The guy's a boomer who reviews arcade games and ports, no facecam and plenty of "My wife" jokes. Makes for decent background noise since most videos are about 30 minutes long.


Oct 21, 2019
There's a guy by the name of Noah Caldwell Gervais who does vidya game reviews that are incredible. A channel full of cerebral, 90-minute essays full of heart & insight and good enough to be taught at a university (one from another timeline where academia hasn't gone to shit). Dude deconstructs things like nobody else can.

Check him out if you've ever wanted to see the living antithesis to garbage game journo cesspits like Kotaku & Polygon.

The guy spouts his progressive rhetoric in every fucking video. I used to like him, but I can't take his left-wing faggotry anymore.


Nov 20, 2021
I really like Fredik Knudsen (His video on the Final Fantasy House was actually the reason I started watching YT, before that I thought the only videos on YT were video clips), Whang! (I like remembering parts of my fucked up childhood due to unsupervised internet access), Chill Fuel, Nick Robinson (very interesting stories and very entertaining storytelling), Barely Sociable, blameitonjorge (even though his voice is annoying and really hard to understand for a non native speaker like me), JCS, Atrocity Guide (I really like her style and the fact that I never heard before the topics she covers), LEMMiNO, ThorHighHeels (stupid name, fun videos about video games), LGR and Pollymatter (very informative and a good starting point for further research. Definitely better than 99% of stupid pop sci channels).


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Dec 8, 2021
I barely watch YouTube. Here's my select few of subscribed channels.
Tom Scott - General interesting stuff
RTGame - Drift King
Fredrik Knudsen - Down the Rabbit Hole
The Right Opinion - Well-researched long-form videos
Drew Gooden - I'm partial to him, but he's consistently hilarious
Life of Boris - My first dishes was Slavic thanks to Babushka
Doug DeMuro - Car quirks
Not Just Bikes - Also does city infrastructure
Living Big In A Tiny House - Kiwi explores tiny houses
Turkey Tom - Great takes and exposés
Aba & Preach - Possibly two of the realest niggas on YouTube
HealthyGamerGG - Psychology therapy stuff
Others in this thread have already suggested some great ones. I might update the list if I'm not too lazy.
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Edelgard von Hresvelg

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Sep 12, 2021
Post 10 - Handyman from New England who enjoys going out and unclogging drainage ditches, culverts, knocking down beaver damns, and overall just draining some big clogs. Pretty simple premise. It's relaxing.
LittleGiantsConstructionCo - Guy likes to mess around with RC construction vehicles. Has spent 10+ years slowly excavating his basement with them, even having ramps up his basement stairs for dumptrucks to haul dirt, small dirt roads on his property for the vehicles to drive around, and tunnel systems under the house with lights rigged up for cranes and trucks to move around. Just a guy who likes to have a beer, play with RC cranes, and dig. Weird hobby? I guess, but it's still pretty cool.
Steve Wallis - Canadian boomer who likes camping - Winter Camping, open-air camping, storm camping, spawn camping, you name it. I like his stealth camping the most, where he goes into places he probably shouldn't to stay the night, like in abandoned buildings or along city park trails. Recently acquired and modified a short bus for camping. Cozy vibes.
Townsends - Channel all about Colonial and Frontier life, from life on a homestead, to videos about quill making and trading posts, to historic cooking recipes and live readings of classic literature. He doesn't just read from books, but also journals, newspapers, and even old receipts and notes for information regarding those subjects. I personally like his cooking videos the most.
Tasting History With Max Miller - All about historical cooking and recipes, from all time periods and cultures. His videos include basic overviews of dishes, the recipes themselves, and even breaks to discuss the history behind them.

I could've just said Whang! or OneyPlays or another channel like that, but I really do like these smaller channels. Mostly weird, niche hobbies or historical topics, cooking that you might not find elsewhere, things like that.


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Jan 19, 2021
Just stumbled across a channel named Cecil McFly that is basically Kiwifarms: YouTube edition.
All your favorites are in there getting shit on. Narcissa, Momokun, Yaniv, fucking HEAPS of Onision, ShannyForChrist.
Really in depth and well researched.

Kiwi & Cow

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Feb 21, 2018
I really like Optimus, just a better Drama Alert and atleast the person speaking is not massive tard. Augie, Turkey Tom, Bowblax and Ls Mark are some of my fav youtubers.


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Dec 1, 2018
Brownville's Food Pantry for Deer.

Lots of live cams to watch the deer chow down on oats and apples.

Very relaxing.

Basic Blonde Boy

Dec 15, 2021
I don’t really watch many nowadays but I have a few favorites.

> Hyperreality (formerly ShellyD)
I wish I could watch more of this dude’s videos as I have enjoyed him for years now, but he went on a mass deletion spree of his channel. I have to use Lore Marester to see archives of his old, funny videos. His channel is a commentary channel centered around the MLP fandom and making fun of them for their autism. I found him through a commentary on Mr. Enter back in 2015, and I found him funny enough to continue watching his channel regardless of my lack of interest in ponies. He is apparently still around as he posted a commentary back in November, so I don’t exactly understand what the whole channel rebrand and deletion was about.

> Jim & Them
They are a long running podcast/commentary channel that I stumbled upon through the Dan Schneider controversy. Their videos are typically on the subjects of Juggalos, popular videos, or woke tards and not the SJW kind. This group has found a plethora of lolcows that I am surprised the Farms does not have a database on given that they got black men in the woods building pyramids to topple the gooberment. Their shit is absolutely hilarious, so I wish they got more traction.

> Cartoon Review
I have a soft spot for licensed Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network games, so a man that goes into their history through reviewing them chronologically is pretty cool.

Basic news/review channel for Sonic and SpongeBob primarily. He can be a bit awkward with his love of Taylor Swift, but his videos are decent to listen to. He is one of many that I have recently seen popping up that are channels based on Sonic, Crash, SpongeBob, and usually some other Sony IP. Many of these channels just have that feel of a small community, so I enjoy that aspect. BlueKnight V2.0 would be another.