Favourite Amberlynn Moment Of All Time - Share your fave ‘situations’!

Who’s your fave AL gorlfriend?

  • Destiny

    Votes: 133 69.3%
  • Krystle

    Votes: 9 4.7%
  • Kassidy

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  • Necky

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ALs Bra

I made a similar thread towards the end of the year asking what everyone’s favourite AL moment of 2018 was so I thought it might be fun to see what everyone’s fave AL moment of all time is. After all AL lore is as vast as our gorl!

For me I’m gonna have to go with the post-Density Valentine’s drunkathon! Our gorl at her cringiest for sure.

Thiccc Weenie

All ass, no class
I really liked the sudden and perverted speed at which she changed personalities for Destiny, then Becky. It’s really gross and intriguing how she thinks she’s passing as a normal and likable person, when really, she’s none of those three things.

She’s so transparent and so bad at lying that there’s not really a “favorite” moment per se, rather, she has some acts in her play that are more lively than others.

Sassy and sarcastic blaccent “Ah do whuddevah Ah wan’” Amberlynn on her scooter will never not be funny.


I tend to think of my favorite AL moments in the forms of GIFs and pics posted here because she is THE most GIFable/memeable creature on this flat earth, and the farmers are so good at capturing them.

>The mini golf tiny arm gunt stroke
>Freeballing tumor tits lumbering through the living room
>Speed skating through the Wommart parking lot
>Speed marching 'round the kitchen
>Hair bugs
>Hoof and ankle roll sightings

The GIF and Pic Thread is 24k gold.

We didn't get to see her break a scooter, but we got to hear the tragic tale.

I literally had to pause the video to get all the laughter out when she said she had to cancel her "psychiatrist" appointment because she was "too swollen" to fit in the car.

Most recent fave: The weird no face snapchat in the car where Becky said "if you ate what I did in a day you'd starve to death."

And those are a few of my favorite things.


America Online for Dummies™
When they took a friend to the er early one morning (or so they said), figured they were close enough to Cheesecake Factory, so they waited in the parking lot an hour or two for it to open. I’m sure everybody behind the scenes were snickering at them for being the first customers.


Cryptids are a Cute! CUTE!
View attachment 831367

The Lexington Pride Motel saga of 2018. It has it all. Eating at the Cheesecake Factory every day, shopping for more useless plastic garbage, getting all dressed up for Pride and ordering in fried Oreos, fried crab rangoon and fried rice instead because dead nephews, "traffic" and being fat was just too much to handle.

I think it was the beginning of the end.
Don't forget her dainty cowgirl styled rotting hair and her hideous shirts.
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As irritating as it was, the whole Optavia thing.
-Her enlarged ego and confidence going into it
-How far she went to defend it, the fact that she was posting videos defending it after she already quit
-Just how amazingly short the turn-around time was.
-"The calories were too low"

This was big Al at her best, a.k.a her worst, and I appreciate a hot mess.


Nighty night...
That time she fell in toxic lake and almost killed poor Twinkie. Fortunately the dog was smart enough to use Al's mass as a flotation device before swimming to safety.

Lying about being abused by her ex for attention.

Going all out for a Halloween party and only having 2 people show up.

Reach out to a dietician for help, only to take nothing they say seriously and end up getting blocked by them.

"A beanbag in a hurry..."

Any full body shot. Especially when she's waddling.


it's a lonely road filled with cum
- Her enlarged ego and confidence going into it
-"The calories were too low"
"I've done hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours [...] and hours of research on this program and I see no reason why it wouldn't work"
"Hey guys so I just now counted the daily calories and they're not enough so I'm quitting the whole thing lol bye"


it's a lonely road filled with cum
"Triple date with my ex". The over-the-top screeching and giggling to get Destiny's attention, the "do you hate me?", pointing at the teddy bear calling Becky right after Destiny pointed it out to Dana, accusing Destiny of a Freudian slip of her name. All while her own girlfriend is right there. This vlog is the Amberverse equivalent to The Office's Dinner Party.

Pog Mathoin

The taco bell mukbang with Becky was a standout for me for the following reasons:
  • The total lack of chemistry between AL and Becky
  • AL's complete incomprehension that Becky isn't choosing to stuff her face at top speed
  • They lidurally have nothing to talk about
  • Becky comes close to gagging on her food several times
  • AL is annoyed that Becky can't eat fast
  • AL's incredible logic that "if you eat fast you get more food"
The whole thing is just sad, nasty, and weird. Katie W's 'Awkward Taco Bell Mukbang' is worth watching.

Honorable mention: Beanbag in a hurry, bug head, and the Optavia 'diet plan'


Vernon Wayne Howell
Everything she has ever written. From the above mentioned "Rain And Petal Eavesdrops," to "Like a monster truck in the nightlife," to "dicing my purely white fangs," and more.

Some newer members of the flock may not have the link to her wattpad. Here are the gospels of Amberlynn for the uninitiated.


I resigned up for weight watchers
Anytime she's on you now

When she said Becky wasnt her enabler on you now, then explained what Becky does for her and described a enabler to the t.

When she said guys were hiting on her entire time at Destiny's family bbq

When she became everything she said she wouldn't during burger king mukbang

When she said that Costco size box of gushers in the bed were Becky's then in the next video said she ate the entire box.

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