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When ExerciseLynn was making Becky exercise with the pink weights and bemoaned how she wished she could had someone so motivating to push her on. Sometimes you have to be your own coach ya'll. Perfectly wrapped up how eager she is to belittle Becky, make herself seem like an instagram fitness guru despite clearly not being one, and is hilarious to look back on now.


Just a couple of my personal faves are the glimpses of her food aggression. Whooo boy, that donut tic tac incident at the Pride Failfest 2018. The CoCoPuffs incident that Eric so lovingly captured. The glares at Becks if she dared taking too big of a bite or when she'd be the first to try something in the Japanese Snackfest that No One Cared About.

Oh, and added bonus, when Becks was trying on a fanny pack at Walmart and said she thought it may be a little small and Hamber had the unmitigated gall to say, "well you just need to lose a few pounds." :story: :story: :story:

Piggy Pot Pie

ham hoof hotdish
When Rarity politely nudged her hand but she “didn’t notice” until the food on he plate was all gone. (God forbid she give Rarity a tiny scrap of chicken sausage) She genuinely looked surprised to see the cat there. It’s almost as if that sausage gave her a complete lobotomy- there was nothing behind those lazy, special ed spinning eyes. That and the mouthful of food: comedy gold!

If she had a driver’s license and ate while driving, local folks would go to Kentucky Fried Heaven.


everything is terrible
True & Honest Fan
Getting busted on the wommart scooter in one vid(via the security camera on self check out), and then pretending to bravely disclose her scooter use in the next video

Admitting 500 lbs

Her rant about short hair looking ugly on fat girls with her fat, short hair girlfriend right next to her

technically a becky moment, but the "luckily the bullets were used earlier trying to protect the chicken coop" suicide attempt story that amberlynn uploaded to her hate-watched youtube channel, because that's a fine thing to do to your girlfriend

hiding her camera behind her fupa & pretending to wear a seat belt when becky got pulled over for speeding


My soul was empty...so I ate 2 ramens.
The shitty "slam" poem she recited after her attempt to smear her ex blew up in her face:

"Rain and petals eavesdrop; I used the wrong word!"
Sure, cupcake.
Liveeeeeen for the aesthetic here gorl. That dark, brooding, fake fur/hair fucking blanket or whatever it is she is wearing while reciting her "real and raw" feelings through a third grade haiku.


I have a few.
  1. The "Sausage Fest" mookbong.
  2. When our gorl totally turned over a new leaf and had half her audience convinced she would really change, then left for a week and returned with a chikeen sausage and green bean mookbong.
  3. The backwards dress Torrid haul.
  4. Whatever the fuck this was
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LOL! I can't believe I almost forgot about this. That's when they were surprising Dusty's mom with her sister in that big box and Hamber had to make it all about her. Classic. IIRC, she made up some story that was all about herself in order to get Dusty's mom over there and acted so pleased with herself. Right after this shot you can see Dusty's sister visibly in no way amused by the behemoth who horned in on the whole thing. Poor girl was just trying to visit her mom.


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The Lexington Pride Motel saga of 2018. It has it all. Eating at the Cheesecake Factory every day, shopping for more useless plastic garbage, getting all dressed up for Pride and ordering in fried Oreos, fried crab rangoon and fried rice instead because dead nephews, "traffic" and being fat was just too much to handle.

I think it was the beginning of the end.
Same. The light in her eyes upon seeing Becky's fried Oreos was unreal. Look at this gigantic toddler, she was absolutely blissful.




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