Favourite Amberlynn Moment Of All Time - Share your fave ‘situations’!

Who’s your fave AL gorlfriend?

  • Destiny

    Votes: 204 70.8%
  • Krystle

    Votes: 14 4.9%
  • Kassidy

    Votes: 16 5.6%
  • Necky

    Votes: 54 18.8%

  • Total voters

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
What gets me is that Becks has to see her doing this. She has to know that Hamber is a ridiculous liar. What does that say about their "relationship" or Becks' character that she'd go along with it. She even defends it sometimes. They deserve each other and the misery they bring each other.
ThumbTard has spent two years now sitting by idly watching Bigass AL lie lie lie lie directly into the camera and done exactly nothing.

At BEST, she's a piece of shit because she just blobs around silently and lets it happen.
But she has also corroborated AL's lies, she has enabled them, and she has doubled down on it all and just blatantly as fuck lied outright into the viewer's faces entirely by herself as well.

Remember the whole "Quitting muh jorb" saga?
She has also been a lying scumbag during their YouNow livestreams (but these are harder to keep track of since so many of them haven't been saved/archived.)

I've been saying it for ages, but I personally see Thicky NeckFace as a gross nasty slug who doesn't really deserve any pity or sympathy. She's a user, a slob, an enabler, a Biphobe and a Transphobe, racist, a liar, etc etc etc etc. The whole #SaveBecky thing was laughable.


Token SJW

You know how in old timey oil paint portraits the eyes seem to follow you no matter what angle you view it from?

This picture is the same thing, just in reverse. No matter what angle you view it from, she's not looking at you. Or anything, really. It's unsettling, yet somehow impressive. If this was intentional, I might even call it art.

Alas, it's just her nervous system malfunctioning under hundreds of pounds of fat and astronomical levels of blood glucose.


gunna go home,take a lexapro and start the chili
I made an account just to share my favorite moment: when interiordesignlynn just put fucking seashells in the sink as decoration while she was living with density
I love looking back at her decorations in that house because now she sits in a hottopic/spencers filled bedroom while she was so obsessed with making her last home look "nice".


Destiny is bae, don’t tell Becky
True & Honest Fan
  • Her pretending that her cucumber mukbang was healthy
  • Her video bashing keto, only to try keto later with Optavia and “doctor’s orders”, proceeding to fail at bolth
  • Her Pride motel trip, in which she didn’t go to Pride
  • Her trip to the Cheesecake Factory with “Big Girls Don’t Cry” playing in the background
  • Beanbag in a hurry
  • 70C622EE-5AB2-4E20-B839-7A955E128FDF.png
    Becky going on about Al’s boobs when she wore this outfit
  • FE3F0C10-A198-49C9-976B-FAE055F47D6A.png
    This face (it’s not Al, but it was from one of her vlogs)
  • A5FC2DA7-AEAC-4CEC-8508-20F3F17F6A8E.png
    Exerciselynn with her weights and perfect grammar
  • Al’s Ask.fm where she answered a bunch of sex related questions about her and Becky, which helped create the NASTY thread
  • Al bragging about her IQ
  • Amber saying she had an hourglass figure at a dainty 350 pounds


Part of your world

This one!!!
"I could be wrong, but I physically saw her say it herself"

Agreed, this is an amazing moment. Also, that Amber thinks her choices were Trump, Clinton or "that gorilla who died (RIP)". What is third party?

Her not voting, though, is peak AL. She laments about an issue, but takes no action to do her part to have changed an outcome in the way she could. I wonder if she does this in other parts of her life...


"Good Lord, the Beanbag is in a hurry!"

Breaking the couch at the Nursing Home.

"Why'd you eat a 20 piece McNugget?"

Waddling by when Eric was vlogging, glaring daggers the whole time.

Not Amber, but Destiny dancing with dollar bills stuck in her bra like a stripper always makes me laugh.

Slappy McGherkin

Bartender? Make that a double.
True & Honest Fan

This one!!!
I'm gonna hafta give you an asspat on that one; have never seen it. She didn't vote because her lardass is too fucking lazy. Period, end of story. But, she'll make a 10 minute video making excuses as to why she didn't. "Hillary supports 9 month abortions! I physically saw her say it herself!" Un-fucking-believable.

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