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Cocker Spaniel! Everyone had one when I was younger. One of my first pets was a dog of this breed, he looked a lot like this one:

The two dogs I have now? Same breed.

I also like beagles. I never had one, but my neighbor does, and I find funny that the dog only obeys me. With everyone else? He's an asshole, or pretends to be an idiot.

Tootsie Bear

Growing up I always wanted a dog for pet and my only experience with dogs was when my family watched our friend and relatives dogs when they went on vacation or when they were moving and needed lodging.

If I were to adopt a dog today I would prefer a dog breed that was adapted to being outside and highly energetic to the point you would have to play with them for hours. I'll always cherish my friend's lap dogs, but I want something like a German Shepherd or Golden/Labrador Retrievers that were bred to work dogs but can be great family pets.
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Grandpa always had golden retrievers and labs, they were good bois and definitely some of my favorites.
German Shepherds are loyal, protective, and aesthetic as fuck.
Corgis and Dachshunds are the best Small Bois.
Favorite doggo breed, though? Unironically Shiba Inu. Love me some shibes.

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Bloodhounds and Rottweilers. I find them pleasant, even though I used to have a Rottweiler which hated cats with a burning, fiery passion. Never really harmed anything else, though.
I know I might get flack for this, but pit bulls. My boyfriend has three of them, all rescues, and they are the best dogs I ever met. They get along great with small children and kittens. One lost a litter of puppies before they rescued her so she always mothers the kittens and cleans them.
Nature vs. nurture. Even the calmest breeds can be blood-thirsty savages when subjected to long years of abuse or mishandling, so the opposite should also be true.