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Faye Kane. All you had to do was start a thread and this psychopath would show up. She was like the 2011 version of Rika.

For those who do not know, Faye Kane was a woman who alleges that she was was raped for about a week and that she is a sex addict. There are many nudes of Faye Kane on the internet if you look around and I am sure there is an ED page for her. There was a joke on /cwc/ that if you said Faye Kane's name three times she would show up. A perusal of the internet sows she is still active, and is actually on Reddit.

Faye claims to be an autistic, savaant and an astrophysicist. She claims to have lived a relatively normal life until about 15 years ago when she began to get into bizarre and kinky sex, to the point where she allowed herself to be raped for a week. Last I heard of her she was supposed to be living naked in a cave with intermittent internet access, but apparently she now lives in a group home where she gets fucked in the ass from time to time.

Faye's comic work can be found in the spoiler of this post

Faye's artwork can be found in the spoiler of this post

Faye's BDSM writings can be found here [thanks @hood LOLCOW]

Dear Rapist:

If you find me here in the woods, PLEASE don't be nice and kind and make conversation first. That's what I dread the most. I am very serious about this. It's best for me if you break a thin sapling branch off a tree, a real thin one, a "switch". And when you come in, don't SAY anything. I'll be completely naked, just like I am now. Don't announce your name; I don't CARE who it is. I'd really rather not even know.

I will put the keyboard down, open my legs, and silently wait for you to do whatever you want to me. Please whip me HARD, everywhere on my body except my face. Be particularly cruel to my cunt, but the hairy vulva lips, not the sensitive clit. I will try hard to be obedient and hold my legs open while you hurt it, but I may fail you and close them. If that happens, I apologize in advance, and request that you punish me even harder for doing that.

Whip me hard and fast and vicious, like you hate me and really want to hurt me. I know what I am requesting, as this has been done to me before. I will lie still and try not to move but I would prefer if you handcuff me first so I can't block the blows. When I start to cry DON'T STOP. If I scream involuntarily, stuff a sock in my mouth and put duct tape over it (there is some on top of my monitor).

Only when your arm gets tired of whipping me and I am sobbing hard and my skin is crossed with red, raised welts, should you push my legs open and sexually penetrate me. If you have whipped me nearly to unconsciousness I may be unable to, but I will try really hard to squeeze my cunt very tight for you to give you pleasure while I cry.

If you want to wear a rubber when you use me, I understand, though I would prefer that you might make me pregnant because of the danger. (I will pay for the abortion after masturbating for months with one hand on my swelling belly, feeling the little rapist you have left growing inside me, consuming my body from within).

But at least, please, when you fuck my asshole, do it with your dick NAKED, okay, so I can feel your hot rapist's cum pumping into my guts. It will also allow you to deposit a precious souvenir I can push out later and rub on my face, and not ever wash off.

You will find KY next to the vibrator, and I would respectfully request that you put some on my anus before using it. But if you would prefer to fuck it dry because that hurts me more, I will submit for you because after the first few thrusts there will be a little blood which will provide some lubrication and give us both more pleasure.

Based on my experiences in the past, I really, really don't want to ever have sex again unless I am crying during it, humiliated, and in pain. I know this sounds very, very fucked up, but it is the only kind of sex that I like. Some women are just LIKE that (I know two others) and for better or worse, I just happen to be one too.

It's not something I chose. If I could choose, I'd be a lesbian who just wants loving conversation and gentle caresses, and I would never again have to deal with you disgusting men. You're all pigs.

But unfortunately for me, this can never happen. Nobody, anywhere, gets to choose what turns them on sexually.

I just am what I am, and the hell with it.


A better link is It shows my cozy tent/cave and has naked pix, including me chained to a bed.

And I didn't move in with someone; I'm still the naked sex slave for a group house, though though only one of the guys still fucks me and he has only fucked my ass since November 2011. He and his wife used to invite me to sleep in their bed and she did all kinds of stuff to me then, but she left him to take care of her old mother. I'm not sure if she's coming back. They did lots of things to me, but three things were done to me every single time:

1) I was handcuffed or chained to their bed. One or the other would sit on my face with my tongue deep in their ass. That prevented me from screaming while they hurt me, and they made me leave it in the whole time so deep that I could wriggle the tip around their intestine. No matter what they did, if I took my tongue out of their ass even a little, I found out the hard way that they'd punish me by torturing me on my nipples and vulva with electricity. 120 volts. That is more painful than you can ever possibly imagine. I made that mistake exactly once. Sometimes they cut off my breathing by pressing down and clenching their ass cheeks. That hurt my tongue, and they always did it too long, until my thrashing slowed way down because I almost passed out. But it meant that they love me, they desire me enough to do even THAT to me. 2) I was repeatedly brought right to the edge of orgasm but never allowed to cum. That is much, much worse than being whipped or anything else they did, which included touching my vulva with a lit cigarette and nearly freezing me to death in the winter. That's how bad the frustration and desire was. It was particularly unendurable when the ended the fun by fucking right over my face and I crave it so much I could scream. The only sex I got all night was being licked almost to orgasm again and again, and the cum she made me eat from her sex organ before going to sleep. They know I absolutely HATE the taste, and they made me taste it all night. 3) after they were done playing with me, they left me chained to their bed between them all night with no covers. In winter, they opened the window and I shivered too hard to sleep. That multiplied the torture, because with no sleep, it lasted forever--hours and hours. If I had to pee, they let me up, then handcuffed me to the bed again. Once I was so cold that I couldn't endure it for them, and I politely woke dave and asked for a blanket. He slowly walked to the bathroom, got a sopping wet washcloth, and wiped water on every single place on my naked body including my face and between my fingers and toes. Then he stuffed the entire washcloth into my sex opening, which stretched it painfully, and went back to sleep, never saying anything the whole time. But none of that stuff could hold a candle to some of the things men did to me when I stupidly let myself be tied to a bench in a stranger's basement, no limits, nonstop, all weekend. I wanted to experience what all the sex slave girls in the news went through. The deal was that I could only quit after a half hour. After that, it was nonconsensual, the whole weekend. When no one was there for a few hours, I even had to sleep with my legs still held open with ropes and a pole deep in my ass. Before it, I was excited. I told them "as long as you don't punch me or touch my face, you can do anything you want to me, ANYTHING." They did EVERYTHING. "They" being every dimwit, smelly, drunk redneck in Brunswick. It was the stupidest thing I ever did, but I'm glad I did it. Here's the whole story of it. -faye
I'm (supposedly) an autistic-savant — a rare female one, too. At least, that's what the psychometrician told me at the mental hospital when I was committed there in 2001 after I tried something that it turns out I lo♥e.

"Autistic" means I can't correctly perceive emotions in other people, which means I'm vulnerable to being lied to and manipulated, particularly at work. Bad people blame me for their own mistakes and I don't even know it until it is too late.

BTW, "Savant" only means "Real Smart" combined with "genetic mutant."

My main interest is the 4-dimensional interval metric equation of SR and what it implies about spacetime. I discovered non-Euclidean geometry when I was 12, but didn't know it was called that until college. And came up with the right answers about things I wondered about. But I didn't know they were right until reading a book on special relativity.

I also discovered (the rudiments of) calculus about then. I was ignoring the teacher and thinking about how interesting it is that a bell curve describes how an S-curve changes. I didn't know that relation had a name either, or that it was a “subject” you could read about. To me, it was just always interesting how shapes fit together. After that, the more I thought about it, the more cool stuff there was that turned out HAD to be true. I also realized some stuff about what turned out to be differential topology, and once again, never knew anyone else had ever thought about it, much less that anyone else ever thought it was interesting. The other kids certainly didn't....

...I also love humanity, and all life, really. In fact, I think I have "cancer of the empathy". And when I discovered sex in 2001, I loved it sex so much that it's what got me committed to a mental hospital, but I only like it when it's impersonal with a stranger (preferably when I'm gagged and blindfolded and tied down and hurt). I can't love another person in a romantic way, and I can't even imagine what that would be like. That has made some people very sad.

What I want to know is, why does everyone seem to hate me? For that matter, why are people so evil when they could just as easily be good and if everyone was good, everyone would be happier?

Well, besides the obvious game-theoretic answer, my best-guess analysis is: apparently there's something about me--childishness, naivete, trust, vulnerability, enthusiasm, excitement about sex, or something else that people have crushed in themselves because it allowed them to be hurt and back-stabbed by people they loved and trusted....

...And two of my readers have fucked me. I suppose you can too, if you can find me. But please just rape me, preferably brutally, then leave. I do NOT like talking to people!

So lemme see, you didn't like the hospital stuff, which I thought was great because of how the cops were slowly slipping into dictators without really acknowledging it to themselves.

And you didn't like the episodes with the Governor, who was the most interesting character in a decade of TV because he slipped from being a well-intentioned good guy to being limitlessly evil. And he switched back and forth between those two states, and it looked credible!

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but perhaps you might consider watching kids' simpleminded cartoons instead. They lack the sophistication and subtlety that you seem to have difficulty appreciating.

> Your reply is neither required or desired.

No, I imagine it's not!

Aaaand Faye wins by a knockout! Somebody drag his ugly 'puglican carcass off the ring.

Now, who else wants a piece of me, huh? Well? C'mon you loudmouth, cowardly bastards, show me what you got...

> you were in college for 6 years living off your parents

But my parents willingly paid for my college because they value education. They traded value for value. I'm like Howard Roark and John Galt: a Noble Creator of Value!

> you believe your teachers did not push a political point of view.

So knowing nothing about my school, my teachers, or my classes; you inform me that they were pushing "left wing indoctrinations" that I don't know about.

I know about a WHOOOOLE lot of things, Taggart. More than you could ever imagine. And a lot of the things I know are about how the so-called "real" world works.

That world is revolting, disgusting, and appalling because it's run by greedy, inhumane people like you.

I also know there was precious little propaganda in my Compiler Design, Nuclear Chemistry, and graduate-level math classes.

Of course, being a repiglican, you just go ahead and make sh it up, then believe it like it was real. That's where your ridiculous religion comes from, too.

> You have no real life experience and your opinion reflects it

Arrogant rethuglican bast ard. My life experience includes decades in systems programming, team leadership, consulting, IT management, and nuclear engineering; most of which I won awards in.

But you're right, my opinion does reflect those experiences.

Anything else you "know" that you'd like me to disprove? See, my hobby is pulling down the pants of presumptuous loudmouths like you in front of the whole world.

Which I just did. My work here is done.

Typical repiglican response: rude and dimwitted

As for Faye Kane = "faking", do I look like the god dam Riddler from Batman? As I say on my blog, it's a pseudonym, just like everyone else on the internet has, and it started out as "Faye Kname" because it's a pun on my real last name.

The re: pig lickin' party is as arrogant and ignorant as you are, and you're going DOWN next year—just like the last election and the one before it. We won the two before that, but you blatantly stole them.

It's too bad that redneck jethros like you are too stupid to see that the rich use Faux News to tell lies to you. They whip you idiots up with fear and anger and nationalistic songs and shiny objects, then laugh about how easy you are to fool.


Did you take any pictures? Can you describe it in more detail? I had to leave quickly when, one day, construction workers (and the cops) knocked on my airlock. It scared the fucking jee-zuss out of me, too because they were loud and lots, and I didn't know it was workers and the cops. I thought that the Spanish kids came back and brought a gang of dozens, and suddenly the idea of REAL gang-rape didn't seem so sexy!

Actually, come to think of it, if they hadn't been Spanish...

Anyway, I couldn't take anything but my PC, and I never went back there. I sent an email to VDOT asking if they saved any of my stuff but they never answered.

Oh, and is no more. He very kindly let me use his server space, but he's a genuine absent-minded professor, and forgot to renew his URL before someone stole it for ransom.

I registered my own site (which is under construction), as well as making his a subdomain of mine--(damn, it's been a year and I can't remember the URL!) Effectively, my site is my blogspot blog. Myspace SUX DIX!!

BTW, all the (blog) regulars would agree, he is (or WAS) my biggest "fan". It's a long story how it happened, but he actually got to fuck me. When I abandoned my cave, I moved in with my lesbian college friend and her husband (who ass-fuçks me 2 or 3 times a week), and-- (I swear it was coincidence, and you can watch how it unfolded over months on the blog)--her husband got a job in Houston, 10 miles away from Dr. Roberts AND the doc just happened to be living in a motel. So when I told them how he bought hundreds of dollars worth of psycho meds for me when he never thought he'd ever meet me, we insisted he move in with us.

I'll NEVER forget the look on his face when he knocked on the door, and I answered it with no clothes on at all! My pubic hair was trimmed nicely just for him, and had a stick-on bow. GOD! He brought me a bottle of absinthe, too, the old sweetie! We smoked a bunch of Salvia Divinorum (look it up) and drank absinthe.

But after fuçking me senseless day and night for a week or two, he realized that, while I like being brutally ass-raped by the other guy here (and his wife uses me too), I could never (ugh) "love" him or anyone because I'm autistic. For example, I REFUSE to be kissed. Or for that matter, touched in any way but roughly. The only kiss I need is the kiss of the WHIP! ☺

As soon as it warms up, I'm going to find Michael (Tony's preferred name) a girl from craigslist, and they'll meet on their blind date NAKED! See, there's a nude beach here in Houston, and while Michael's been there many times, I never went to one, and neither have the other two, and we're all scared to, which is why we want to go.

Now I spend my time cleaning their house and cooking their meals, and just like in my cave, I never wear clothes, ever. It makes me feel sexy, like a sex-slave, which I kind of am, I guess. I serve everyone meals individually in their rooms because they're all always on their computers. I'm trying to find him a girlfriend, and I ALMOST got him one THREE times (one was another of my blog readers). In my spare time I read about astrophysics and Riemann-topological hyperspaces, download savage BDSM porn, and masturbate imagining it's me in the videos. I also play around with a drawing program (see below).Why am I so obsessed with sex? My mother was too, but from a judgmental, prudish, fundamentalist, drunk point-of-view; and I'm rebelling.

Or something.



> That is a horribly tragic and sad site.

Unless you're talking about the construction site where my cave was, that's BULL shee-yit! I'm having the time of my life!Oh wait... maybe you mean you see a sad SIGHT!Yeah, well, it's the smart man's burden.


1) My nude pix are excellent, as am I.

As are you, but you don't know that, so you try to make other people sad because you think it eases the pain of being you. It's how "the sickness" propagates through time.

> WTF is up with that gaping hole you call a vag?

2) I don't call it a "vag", I call it a CUNT. Little girls have "vaginas". I had one too, before the Black Monolith woke up and turned it into a hairy cunt.

And BTW, I'm not a lady or a woman. My MOTHER (who is in hell) was a lady and a woman. I'm what I was in college: a GIRL.

3) You're a troll. Fuck off before you get hurt--emotionally. You don't want to take me on verbally, only you don't know that either.

There is much more out there, didn't think anyone wanted to see nudes, but if you want those just type in faye kane nudes in google.
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OP resurrected from the Gandi debacle, presumably?

Well, "faye kane ♀ girl brain" usually pretends to be in her mid-30s, but is at least twice as old as she claims. And her views on race and intelligence are pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an elderly white lady living in the South. Because she took some anthropology classes as a college student 'way back in nineteen-dickety-six, she is totally qualified to assert that black people are genetically stupid, violent and look like monkeys.

Her rape fantasies most emphatically do not include the Coke Ze - ahem, BIG, BLACK DICK.

I've always found it strange how many people with CS backgrounds - who should presumably be fluent in tree thinking - will still espouse a 19th-century-march-of-progress worldview in which "whites and Asians evolved from blacks, who evolved from apes, which evolved from monkeys, which evolved from lemurs....And at each step, the brain becomes larger." Please, Faye, tell us more about evolution and how it works.

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In the second nude picture, can someone explain to me what I'm supposed to be looking at? I know its flesh and scratches, but I can't really seem to make any of it out.

One thing is for sure, that has to be where Pinhead from Hellraiser lives.
She is displaying the three healed scratches on her upper thigh. If you need to confirm for yourself the veracity of that statement, here is an imgur album entitled, "Instead of paying rent, I'm the group house sex slave." NSFW, naturally - lots of old lady butt.


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OP resurrected from the Gandi debacle, presumably?

Well, "faye kane ♀ girl brain" usually pretends to be in her mid-30s, but is at least twice as old as she claims. And her views on race and intelligence are pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an elderly white lady living in the South. Because she took some anthropology classes as a college student 'way back in nineteen-dickety-six, she is totally qualified to assert that black people are genetically stupid, violent and look like monkeys.

Her rape fantasies most emphatically do not include the Coke Ze - ahem, BIG, BLACK DICK.

I've always found it strange how many people with CS backgrounds - who should presumably be fluent in tree thinking - will still espouse a 19th-century-march-of-progress worldview in which "whites and Asians evolved from blacks, who evolved from apes, which evolved from monkeys, which evolved from lemurs....And at each step, the brain becomes larger." Please, Faye, tell us more about evolution and how it works.
What the fuck, how can anyone be so messed up.

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Faye used to talk about "preparing a submission for Astrophysics Journal about the implications of the spacetime interval metric equation for the large-scale topology of the universe," - that's the sex slave imgur album again, so only click if you want to see old lady vag - or claimed she had already submitted it to ApJ. More recently, she says she's going to upload her manuscript to arXiv.

C'mon, Faye. Where is it?

As crackpots go, Faye Kane seems to have such promise, but then she never delivers. Distasteful rape fantasies and blurry nudes are not exactly difficult to come by on the internet - what sets her apart are her claims of being an autistic nuclear-engineer-cum-astrophysics-genius-computer-programmer who is also a homeless nymphomaniac.

Point being, Faye is perhaps not as badly out of touch with reality as she seems. Here, she admits, "I once tried to become a astrophysicist, but it went too far over my head, and I had to give up on an unrequited love." She's just a bored old lady with weird fantasies, capering for attention on the internet. It's remarkable, I guess, that she's kept at it for so long.
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GS 281

I haven't a clue, but people are bound to find out the truth sooner than later.
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