FB 11/12 Chris's 2016 wish list, Transformers joke - Updated 11/18 - Chris buys a toy off his wishlist

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A new low
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Chris has put together quite a list this year! Despite being a very naughty boy by Threatening Trump with Assassination, he thinks he deserves a truly 1% Christmas. Let's crunch some numbers:

This year, Chris asks for 18 individual items, With that much future landfill, he'll need a bigger tree just to fit it all under! These toys have an Average price of $47.76, with the Lowest price being a meager $11 and the Highest being $149.99, yes, really. If you wish to be the worlds biggest Santa to the worlds biggest Autistic, the Grand Total comes out to an absolutely stunning $859.71.

To put some perspective on that number, $859 is equivalent to:
  • ~3,438 C-Quarters
  • ~344 Q-Quarters
  • 158% of Chris Court cost over the Blarms! protest
To date, Chris has spent over $1300 on toys and vidya this year, undoubtedly much more that we are not aware of (yet).
To date, $0 has been raised to fix Barbs Teeth, which have been rotting for over a year.
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The Lawgiver

We all know what happens to alien spies.
Please stop bringing the Emgo guy into your realm of madness against his will Chris.
He didn't deserve this. Nobody deserved this.
I'm honestly beginning to think Chris might have the homo for the Emgo if you catch my drift.
Seriously what the fuck is it with Chris linking some random ass popular youtube figure reviewer as a wish list?
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Nice to finally get confirmation that Fatty did in fact open all those nested boxes I sent him, and then tried to use the cards.

It's funny how he remembers that, but seemingly forgets about the time that @Sonic Rainboom sent him a gift card with $500 on it. Just reinforces why you shouldn't give anything of value to Chris... he won't be grateful, or even remember that it happened in the first place.


It was always too late.
He spends all year ignoring people and telling people not to respond to his posts. Then he post a huge list of stuff he wants as if it's perfectly normal.

I agree no one should buy him shit, but I would at least understand if he was sociable online all year and this was a just another way for people to interact with him.

Anyway, there are plenty of charities to help good people going though tough times and Chris is not one of them.


Waterman actually makes a good point.

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Yeah, Chris is basically a con-man at this point. A really unique one, though.

Most cons scam you through lies and manipulations.
Chris' modus operandi is offering services, so simple, easy, and fast, that people believe there is no chance he'd somehow fuck it up and not deliver.

People say to themselves:
"There is no way in hell he can screw up such an easy task, right?
He just gotta doodle for 30 minutes each day, right?
He just gotta mold play-dough into what resembles Sonic, right?.
He just gotta say fucking, 'HI' and upload it to YouTube, Right?
There is no way even Christian Weston Chandler can fuck up such simple work after the ridiculous amount I'm paying him, RIGHT?"
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