FB 12/7 - Chris decries Gamestop's discrimination against Battletoads -

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It's being argued to death, so I thought I'd weigh in on the whole "is it real?" thing.
The authenticity of the letter seems suspect. On one hand, it all appears pretty legit. On the other, I can't fathom receiving a letter like the one Chris sent and saying "Yes, this merits a response". However, I think there's a more relevant point in all this:
Chris thinks it's real, and is responding as such. History would indicate that even if we sent him undeniable proof that it was fake, he would continue to see it as real, because he's Chris. Once he's decided something, reality takes a back seat. He's producing some of his most interesting content in years. I'd count our blessings.


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The letter is dubious. Rus (or some form of Russell) may not be his first name hence why there doesnt seem to be any hits for his email or a linkedin. That doesnt kill it for me as possibly real. In my experience the letter isnt far off the norm for a corporate security letter, but its not spot on. Its the turn around time that gets me more than anything.

I'd say its likely fake but Chris would be ridiculously stupid not to take it 100% seriously. Therefore he will likely try to get unbanned in person before the end of the month.


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I also noticed how the transgender facade completely disappears when he's mad. The old chris is still there under all the estrogen lotion. His voice got all whiny and he kinda did his claw hand gesture when he said "it really PISSES me off..." Overall, it was very nostalgic to see that old autistic rage.


I think the hope its real is the idea that Chris may have achieved his largest in scale ban ever.

It's like your idiot son winning an idiot contest and you can be like

"Did you hear about my lolcow? He got arrested"
"Fuck that, Chris is banned from every GameStop in Virginia"

The name rus rogerson seems to be the dead giveaway. Make better fake names!

As for it being a ween or whatever, its funny. Who cares? The same with Jeff, which was a masterfully clever trolling. The best ones aren't long and drawn out but are short and ridiculous.

Jeff's "apology" that Chris reads and feels humbled by is totally describing Chris but Chris is too stupid to realize, it might be one of the funniest things Chris has been flattered by


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Just because this thread is spinning in circles as to "is the letter real", I decided I'd actually ya know, go and check.

Gamestop has it's current corporate guidelines released, which includes their letterhead and envelope style.


They don't match.



There, we can end this part of the discussion now. I can't believe I actually looked that up.

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Oh, and he's using "bloody" in his sentences now because of all that Dr. Who he's watching. Great, just great.
Are you kidding? Chris slipping into a goofy faux-Cockney accent is one of the highlights of that video. Just behind the way he says "no battletoads".
"They discriminate against Battletoads" needs to be in the random.txt.

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Do you really think GameStop not only read Chris' letter, but escalated to the "Corporate Safety and Loss Prevention Team", assigned a case number, and tasked to an investigator to review legal files, interview staff, and adjudicate this grievance? Do you even realize how much this would cost? Do you think they do this for every claim they receive? Do you really think that upon reviewing this, they felt compelled to extend the ban even further?Why would they ban him only in Virginia stores and not entirely from the GaneStop chain? Also, how do you expect every Virginia GameStop to even enforce this?

This is trolling 101. Simply play up the delusion his troubles are actually merit the attention he thinks they deserve (letterhead, case number, etc.) to only deliver a crushing blow (extending ban State-wide). The trolls in the past did this with Jimmy Hill, Myamoto, and more lately, Jeff. This is simply using a tactic that has worked numerous times in the past. Chris was even fooled by this same scheme a few months ago with the Sega letterhead regarding BLARMS.

It's possible, yes. But then you need to take into account that they recieved mail from someone who assaulted one of their employees and the matter went to court.

So it's plausible that it would have raised a red flag and the matter would have been escalated to a formal, legal sounding response.


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I'm surprised Chris hasn't accused Michael of secretly working at GameStop or being part of some plot to wreck Chris' reputation.

I give it a week before he decides that MLW, Snyder, and Megan run GameStop.

He says "we have received a reply from Gamestop" as if the letter doesn't specifically address that he is the only person being banned.

The royal we I guess? Or are Sonichu and Rosechu still giving him "advice"?
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