FB 2/16 - Chris comments on Bob's death

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Feb 17, 2017 at 11:39 AM.

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  1. screenshot-www.facebook.com 2017-02-16 19-21-21.png

    Chris posted that message on the profiles of one of his Facebook friends (the discussion he commented on was about time zones and Mad Men and has nothing to do with what he said).
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  2. What? He thinks loud noises killed Bob? What bullshit had Barb been feeding him now?
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  3. Yes Chris, a loud noise killed your father. Not a terrible diet, neglect, poor sanitary conditions or old age, but a loud noise.
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  4. "I had more freedom when he was alive." Oh, its not because I miss my dad or that I want to have one last conversation/hug from the man that raised me. I just want my freedom to act like a tard on the internet and ability to spend my entire tugboat on sex toys, vidya, and hookers. You know, the responsible shit.
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  5. It must have come as quite the shock when Bob's attending physician bellowed "JULAAAYYYYY" all of a sudden.
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  6. The Loud Noise was Chris farting. Staff had nothing to with it.
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  7. I'm sorry Chris, but your father died because he was old and he was sick.
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  8. I've followed Chris for longer than I care to admit, but I'm gobsmacked at how he can revise literally anything in his life. And of course, he doesn't even attempt to hide the fact that this is entirely self-centered.

    I'd say that Barb put this bug in his ear, but it's 14 BC. The bugs don't need her help.
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  9. Yeah...50 gallons of tard cum says the loud noise thing is something Barb made up as a bizarre, roundabout way to absolve herself of contributing to the Internet Lumberjack's demise by being a crazy fucking hoarder.
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  10. c78a894812ed9b6b5bc18ab4ac8db04ba9f35fdc2283117912193be8292be64d_1.jpg
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  11. Staff, loud noise? I'm a bit lost here.

    Laughing about the freedom part, knowing what that means, with the man of the house gone.
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  12. Bob didn't have 'tism, Chris, he probably didn't even notice whatever noise your sensitive tard hearing was triggered by.
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  13. Wheres your empathy, Chris? Blaming the people who looked after your father in his dying days for his death isn't very nice of you.
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  14. This is exceptional, even for Chris.
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  15. Cut to later this year:

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  16. I interpreted that last statement as a reference to actual freedom of some sort. Remember, just a bit more than a month later, the events of 28 October 2011 happened. At this point, especially after the macing incident, Chris was probably more paranoid of people, especially the cops.
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  17. He's seriously losing it. This post is just sad and bizarre.
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  18. >tfw your father was killed by a loud noise

    It reminds me of a five-year-old demanding to know why the angels carried someone away.
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  19. What loud noise? Umm is there any basis for this? @Marvin can you clarify this if you have any info of what Chris is talking about?
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  20. If I had to guess, Barb is blaming the hospital for killing Bob, as old hillbillies are wont to do, and Chris, being Chris, only picked up on the tiniest and most out-of-context part of her complaints and his autism translated it into the staff murdering Bob with sound.
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