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Sonichu FB 3/17 Happy st patricks day!

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by Yellow Shirt Guy, Mar 17, 2017.

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  1. Sonichu wishes a happy st patricks day.
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  2. Because nothing says St. Patrick's Day like a yellow, blue, and grey robot.
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    Totem Sanic

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  3. I think Chris's logic might be that it's appropriate since yellow and blue make green?
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    Saladin *makes gun do a 180*

  4. He...he actually drew something without being paid a thousand dollars or trying to guilt trip Cole!?
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  5. Well, there's some green on the edge, I guess. And yeah, no fucking snake in its right mind would dare stray the borders of CWCville with that thing on patrol. Bravo, Chris, "Halt! Welcome to CWCville. No niggos, snakes and no damn Irish!"
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    #5 Chandler Cats, Mar 17, 2017
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  6. How to celebrate St. Paddy's Day, retard-style: draw a giant yellow and blue robot.
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  7. As if we don't insult the Irish enough on St. Patrick's Day.
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  8. Hope you're enjoying a cold refreshing Reeb, Chris!
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  9. also that perspective is drawn far too well someone google "bumblebee" and find what pic he traced
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  10. Amazing how little Chris' art style has improved in over 5 years.
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  11. Even If he drew him like an Irishman, that'd be a slight improvement over this.
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  12. You can't suck at drawing eyes if you don't draw eyes :cool:
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  13. "Happy St Patrick's day"

    "Draws Bumblebee"

    CWC logic aka No Logic.
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  14. Well,, at least he graduated from second grade art class to fourth grade coloring books.
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    m0rnutz Hide your nuts

  15. How did he know that Bumblebee was secretly a leprechaun? Shiiit.
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    Calooby Asshoe Gardien

  16. I like that he actually wrote "Autobot © Hasbro."
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  17. Fun Fact: Yellow and Blue are the actual colors officially associated with St. Patrick.
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  18. You ever see Chris' hands? He's got those awkward re-tard/Autist hands. No amount of time or practice is going to overcome a handicap like that.
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  19. lol it's not Bumblebee, I believe that's gotta be taken from some image of Titans Return Breakaway or the original version Chromedome (who we know he owns)
    Note the stick gun in the left hand, Chris's drawing having some kind of amorphous blob in the right hand, and the almost perfectly identical leg structures down to the wheels ending up in the exact same places.
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  20. There's also his awkward pen grip.

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