[Feb 23, 2020] Retrospective Begathon #6 - Buy subs to watch DSP wax pig-osophic while also begging for more money


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a cheer fundraiser isnt and a tips fundraiser is allowed on twitch? is there any reason for that?
Cheer fundraiser would imply that bitcheers are funds, ie money. As I understand it, Twitch wants to avoid paying taxes on all transfers of bitcheers, and part of that involves pretending that bitcheers are not equivalent to money.


So I enter his stream and im welcomed by a remix of him singing about sonic fucking people and bestiality. Are these his famous pre-stream remixes? I have never heard them before.The one that played after was equally bad and cringe,also thugs on the floor.

Also even his suscribers make fun of him
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Does he have real fans? Because even people who give him money are fucking with him and know detractor memes.

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Because a lot of subs are gifted, people with sub badges meming on him means nothing. That SirQueefington, for example, had all of his (six) subs gifted to him. Others simply bought their way into being able to run with some memes, like the TheOGRascal guy.

Whenever you're watching a DSP stream, take into account that the viewing audience at any given time consists of (give or take 5% on each group):

70% hate-watchers
20% people who meme on him while giving money in some way
10% actual fans


I love how Phil has trouble proccessing even his own jokes due to the tism.

Old Phil: I want to strangle these devs.
Phil: haha.
Old Phil: I want ro strangle these devs in the neck.
Phil: haHA.

At least this answers the question that Phil actually does thing he makes good content.


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Whole Rambo shit is just sad. How heartless is Phil to hear/see an old friend who he himself completely black balled out of his life. Rambo was like the last real friend he had?
Kat is literally the only person DSP has any face-to-face interaction with in any given week. I'm sure he and Kat "do errands" together so DSP doesn't have to actually talk to anyone and Kat can talk to the cashiers/salespeople.

Kat is also the only friend DSP has in the entire world and even that is questionable. Dog forbid DSP's parents did die and Kat divorces him, there's literally no human being on Earth that DSP would be on good terms with outside paypigs.

Edit: Damn man, I've watched this Retrospective for like five minutes. Literally every time DSP talks to chat, he pauses the fucking video. He really thinks his content is so good that he doesn't want to talk over it and miss something. That and stalling.

Double Edit: He literally just stopped watching a video because "it's boring". Granted it was a giant tutorial cutscene, but I appreciate the lack of self-awareness considering he is watching his own content and he can't even get through it because it's so boring. But he expects other people to watch it.
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God damn but think of it like this there’s an event going on in champions so he’s going to blow it all.


Does he have real fans? Because even people who give him money are fucking with him and know detractor memes.
Very few, I'd guess 10-15 at the most, and they're all slow-in-the-brains like Sidella.

It's frustrating how many people give Phil money to watch the monkey dance. I wish I could beat sense into these people that Phil's dance will be the funniest when he's not getting shekels.